Goodwill reuses and recycles the most in its history

Apr 10, 2018
Goodwill NNE had a record-breaking year.

Last year, Goodwill NNE -- an independent nonprofit in Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont -- reused or recycled 60 million pounds of donations, diverting it from the waste stream. That is the most in Goodwill NNE’s 85-year history.

Several factors contributed to the increase in donations. The rise of “fast fashion” is increasing the availability of cheap clothing, so people are changing their wardrobes more often,and donating the lightly used items. Baby Boomers are beginning to downsize, but their children often can’t (or don’t want to) take their belongings. There is a greater awareness of Goodwill NNE’s mission to help 10,000 households in its service area reach personal stability through work, job training programs, brain injury services and group homes for people with disabilities, and there is a general rise in environmental awareness and the reuse and minimalism movements. Goodwill NNE also made donating easier by installing drive-up donation centers with donation attendants at every store.

This Earth Day will also be Goodwill NNE’s first without offering plastic bags in its 29 stores. This is a result of the nonprofit’s 2018 New Year’s Resolution to eliminate the bags, which contribute to pollution. As of April 2018, Goodwill had saved more than 1 million plastic bags.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Apr 10, 2018 22:26

Now if they would only pay their fair property taxes instead of none.

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