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Goldie and Jeffery want a family who will keep them together

Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County
Aug 31, 2019
Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County Goldie, left, and Jeffrey are a bonded pair who want to stay together.

From the desk of PMHS Shelter Manager Theresa Gargan. Family. Is there anything more important?

When you think of families, more often than not you picture humans. But if you have ever worked or volunteered at a shelter, you will realize that family is just as important to our four-legged friends. We often get in pairs or groups of animals that have incredible bonds, just as strong as we have with our own families.

One such pair is Goldie and Jeffrey. They came to us as stray cats from Morrill and it was evident from day one that they needed to remain together. Soon we realized Goldie was expecting kittens, and Jeffrey stayed right by her side. When Goldie went into labor we thought perhaps they should be separated. Jeffrey cried until we put him back in with his mate. When the kittens were born, Jeffrey helped clean them and cuddled with them to keep them warm. So, it seemed only natural when a foster family was found that the entire family go together. This little family remained together until the babies were ready for their new homes, and now Goldie and Jeffrey are hoping for a human family to keep them together. They are young cats, only around a year and half old and both sport beautiful brown tiger coats. Most of their time is spent curled up together, grooming one another. While Goldie loves attention, Jeffrey prefers to observe. Both are ready and eager to begin a new life together with a loving family.

Lillian, my canine pet pick this week, is also in search of her perfect home. Family is definitely the most important thing on her mind. Lillian so loves to be with her people that she can become anxious if they are away for long periods of time. Because of this, Lillian needs people who are homebodies, or better yet, able to take her to work with them. She blossoms with every bit of attention she is given and returns just as much love. Lillian is a big girl with sleek lines, owing to her greyhound heritage. She enjoys nothing more than having someone to run or play ball with her and snuggle afterwards. Come in and visit this girl if you are in search of a special dog to add to your family.

Goldie and Jeffrey are asking for donations of canned cat food for all of the mothers and kittens. They know how important it was for their babies and want all of the other feline families to have full bellies.

Lillian has been looking for rugged, washable toys for her canine friends. Having something to play with while waiting for her family keeps her busy and she is sure it will work for the other residents as well.

Lillian is one of the many animals at the shelter awaiting a home of their own. (Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County)
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