Glaser and Davis elected to Rockland City Council

By Stephen Betts | Nov 05, 2019
Photo by: Stephen Betts Councilor Ed Glaser, left, and Nate Davis, right, were elected to three-year terms on the Rockland City Council. Also pictured are candidate Ian Emmott and RSU 13 Board member Chelsea Avirett.

Rockland — Edward Glaser and Nathan Davis were elected to the Rockland City Council.

The two will be sworn into office Nov. 18, the same night that the mayor for the next 12 months will be elected by the councilors.

Glaser, who is completing his first term on the Council, will return by being the top vote-receiver with 646 votes. Davis will be serving his first term after receiving 574 votes.

Donald Robishaw Jr. finished third with 477 votes and Ian Emmott finished with 366 votes.

Turnout totaled 1,167 for Rockland.

There were two seats to fill -- the one held by Glaser and the one held by Amelia Magjik, who did not seek reelection and resigned last month from the council. Magjik was elected in June 2017 in a special election to fill a vacancy created when Larry Pritchett resigned Feb. 1 of that year.

On the school board side of the ballot, Gerald Weinand and Chelsea Avirett were unchallenged. Avirett received 796 votes and Weinand 742.

Avirett was appointed in November 2018 by the City Council to serve a one-year term when no candidate sought it in last year's election.

There were also two seats up for election for the Rockland Port District -- the five-year seat currently held by Emmott and a vacant four-year seat. No one took out papers for either of those seats. Emmott was elected last year to the one year remaining on the term of former Trustee Capt. Richard Spear, who died in May 2018.

The City Council will appoint two people to the Board with no one being elected on Tuesday.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 06, 2019 18:13

Frances: Why can't taxes go down. If spending went down. If we stopped high wages and generous benefits. If some unusual ingenuity and financial planning were used to reassess city spending. It could be done, but no one has the guts to dissect the system because money grows on trees in Rocklandia. If you home budget is out of control, you take a look and you can come up with a solution, do not tell me this can not happen. Sticking ones head in the sand to this issue is shameful.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Nov 06, 2019 10:39

Taxes never go down, doesn't matter who is on the council.

Posted by: Ananur Forma | Nov 06, 2019 07:28

December 3 Tuesday 5:15 p.m.Planning Board Mtg. for public to come and state views on 120 monopole cell radiation emitting tower application passed last night. Public hearing changed as noted here. Please come to stop this proposed tower!!!! Planning board chair (Erik of Danica Candles) tried to steer Bay Communications to find another site. Erik even made some suggestions of possible sites for them to choose. They would not budge. If Pen Bay Acres property value goes down our taxes will too. Do you want to pay even more tax to make up for this loss? We in Pen Bay Acres are MOST concerned about health issues with this proposed pole so close.... but gag order by FCC of 1996 says we cannot use health concerns to stop it or reject it.  We need Ed Glaser and Nate Davis to help us find other solutions. They are creative sensible thinkers. Congratulations to them, they got voted in. good. Sorry Mr. Robishaw I know people here love you.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Nov 06, 2019 03:57

Congratulations Ed and Nate. Tough decision when there is a plethora of excellent candidates. Have high hopes for the coming year.  We may not like all of their decisions yet we can still be supportive of their willingness to serve. That is my plan. :) 

We are off to a good start: "During the campaign, Glaser said bringing together all the different parts of the community together."

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 05, 2019 21:50

Sad day in Rocklandia. This city should be ashamed of itself for having 5,000 plus voters and only 1,167 found the responsibility to vote. We have now entered another disappointing period of time when the away folks will continue to take over, change our city and raise our taxes even further because there is not one person on this council now that will even recognize, let alone be able to find a way to lower taxes and make Rocklandia affordable. We will continue to serve the rich, make changes to inflict their ways on the local citizens and drive us out of our homes. We should be proud, the ones that did not find the time or interest to vote. Shame, shame, shame. You will pay for this.



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