By Valerie Wass | Oct 28, 2011
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AUTUMN MARIE KEENE was last seen at Oceanside West High School around lunchtime yesterday.  If anyone has seen her or has information to her whereabouts, please contact Stacy Brown or the Rockland Police Dept.

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Posted by: Rhonda J. Brown | Oct 29, 2011 11:00

Valerie, I can see after the fact, that I may have been driven by my emotion.  I am just glad a missing girl has been found. My apologies.

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Oct 28, 2011 21:21

Rhonda, since you don't understand or know the facts, she has been found.  She was found to be considered a runaway teen earlier today.  She is back where she belongs.  Just wondering if you fully know what has been done and what really happened.  Before judging someone's situation, please take the time to think before you post.  There are steps or process that I am sure that the police follow.  Kudos to them and all that helped find her.  Oh, I did post to call the Rockland PD or Stacy Brown.  Rhonda, Rockland PD's number is 911 just in case you do not know it.  I for one, wouldn't want someone to post my number on the internet but would wish for them to call the police.  FYI, a news station did connect me this afternoon.  All further information was going through the Rockland PD as she was considered a runaway.  She is safe now and the hell that she has put her family through, is over.  Before posting, make sure you know the facts, k?

Posted by: Rhonda J. Brown | Oct 28, 2011 19:15

This is apauling... What is the number to call, if anyone did have information they wouldn't have a phone number to actually dial would they?  A child is missing and this is all that is posted?  Why is there no amber alert?  This should be all over the news and the police should have been all over that school today talking to everyone they see for information.  As a parent of a child who goes to this school, I am outraged that I child can just vanish and this is all that is done to find her.

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