Gift of Prophecy introduction Jan 10th at Beacon of Hope on the Hill

Open House “Gift of Prophecy” course introduction Jan. 10th

6:00 pm at Beacon of Hope on the Hill, Belfast Maine

Roy Roden will be introducing Eastgate’s “Gift of Prophecy” 15-week course that begins Wednesday, Jan17th at Beacon of Hope. Open to everyone, we will be discussing the purpose of prophecy, and how this course will provide a pathway for spiritual growth that will impact your Church and community.

We will also share how we provide activation–based learning exercises in a safe and relational environment that empowers participants to know what their gifts are and how to use them with the Father's heart in His love. This introduction session will also include a time for questions and answers as well as prophetic ministry.

For more information Contact: Roy Roden (207) 975 -1849 or Pastor Laurie Hall (207) 338-5899, Beacon of Hope on the Hill, 21 Patterson Rd, Belfast Maine 04915

Gift of Prophecy Course Outline starting Jan. 17th.

1. God Has a Dream

2. The Gift of Prophecy

3. Essentials of Prophecy

4.  All Must Prophesy:

5. Four Ways to Receive Revelation

6.  Four Ways to Receive Revelation part 2.

7. Interpreting Revelation

8. Follow His Voice

9. Prophetic Impressions

10. Prophetic Impressions 2

11. Prophetic Impressions 3

12. Prophetic Impressions 4

13. The Ministry of Gifts

14. Power of Godly Affection:

15.Day of Practice:

Open House –With the prophetic ministry teams in place, we will welcome those who come in from the community to give them a prophet word.

Course Material “You May All Prophesy” by Steve Thompson

Available at as new or used paperback, also as a Kindle edition.

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