GIFT OF PROPHECY COURSE - First sessions begins Tuesday, Sept. 17

Good morning everyone,

Last nights first meeting was to introduce the Gift of Prophecy course, what to expect, what we will cover, along with explaining a few terms that we use, such as activation. Well, from the get go as soon as we began to worship, the atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Lord.

Following this was an outpouring of joy - ha. I could hardly talk and one or two staggered out when they left the meeting. During this time while explaining the term “activation” one of the people that participated, was rocked by the Spirit. Ok, from there it just increased.

I can’t wait till next Tuesday for some testimonies

I love it when our meetings are invaded by Heaven with a move of the Spirit. As you know, we like to see what the Spirit is doing and where He is moving, Isn’t this the model of Jesus, who did that which He saw the Father doing, speaking the words he heard the Father saying. In a word, it was a very PROPHETIC meeting.


The scripture tells us that “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy” ( Rev. 19:10).


Thank you, Jesus, for this work of grace that testifies that you have risen and reign as Lord of Lords, and King of Kings (Acts 4:33).


We officially start the first session next week called “The Essentials of Prophecy. See this link for more information. #mce_temp_url#

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