" Gift of Prophecy" course begins January 7th Hills Mansion, Augusta Maine

When: First Sunday of each month

Location: Hills Mansion 136 State Street, August Maine

Event Schedule: Pot Luck at 5:00 pm, main session 6:15

Contact: Roy Roden (207) 230-8473, roy@eastgateoffice.org

God has a dream. More than 2,800 years ago, God inspired the prophet Joel to record His dream that in the last days every son and daughter would prophesy. The Gift of Prophecy captures Eastgate’s desire to respond to God’s dream by equipping believers in their prophetic gifting to minister with Gods heart in His love.

Using PowerPoint presentations, we lay a strong Biblical foundation. Based on the model of Jesus who “Both began to do and teach” (Acts 1:1) we provide activation–based learning exercises in a safe and relational environment. Sharing testimonies along with parables of true-life events, add to the participants learning experience.

Gift of Prophecy Course Outline – one each month

1. Introduction to Prophecy: The ministry of the Spirit with prophecy, visions and dreams is for today. We cover God’s prophetic word for Maine and New England.

2. The Gift of Prophecy: It’s definition and purpose. Who may prophesy, when and where? We also cover the New Testament covenant as ministers of the Spirit.

3. Essentials of Prophecy: God loves to interact with His people. Created to know His heart to be a voice to release the power of prophecy, you are equipped to win.

4. Four Ways to Receive Revelation – Which one of these ways of hearing from God best describes you, the seer, the knower, the hearer or the feeler?

5.  Four Ways to Receive Revelation part 2: After the review, we look at emotions. God has feelings that created mankind with a heart to experience His divine nature.

6. Interpreting Revelation: Every prophetic word has three components; they are Revelation, Interpretation, and Application. Navigating through the process.

7. Prophetic Impressions -1: The most basic ways of hearing from God and various levels of prophetic revelation, along with cultivating our spiritual senses.

8. Prophetic Impressions - 2: How God speaks through a single thought, perceptions, a still small voice and the audible voice of God.

9. Prophetic Impressions -3: How God speaks through the five senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smells, also physical impressions as used in healing, etc.

10. Prophetic Impressions -4: How God speaks through internal pictures, external and internal visions, open visions, puns, and symbolism.

11. Power of Godly Affection: God is an affectionate God. Created in His image, God often expresses His heart that we may know His passion, compassion, and mercy.

Open House –We will form prophetic ministry teams from those who attend the course to welcome those who come in from the community to give them a prophet word.


Course Material “You May All Prophesy” by Steve Thompson

For more information, see our School of Prophetic Ministry page at


Roy Roden

Destiny Eastgate Ministries

PO Box 711, Camden Maine 04843


Ph. (207) 230-8473 email: roy@eastgateoffice.org


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