Gift guide for the holidays

By Jennifer Noble | Oct 11, 2017

If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin or friend trying to shop for your favorite tween or older child, you know that finding a great gift for this age group can be tough. These kids have their own tastes, preferences, and ideas about what's cool or what they will really enjoy - ideas that may be surprising or very different from their parents and other adults! Here are some suggestions and guides that will help make both kids and their parents happy:

Tech Toys

While older kids and tweens may consider themselves too old for toys, even parents may enjoy "playing" with some of the tech toys now available. Lego Mindstorms allow you to build and program robotic designs ranging from scorpions and snakes to race trucks. With the latest installment of the Star Wars series (Star Wars - The Last Jedi) due out in December, you also can't go wrong with Star Wars themed toys! If you need even more ideas and inspiration, try this list of the 20 Best Tech Toys for Kids, or Amazon's list of Top 100 Toys.

Tech, But Not Quite Toys

While not technically "toys," there are a lot of other accessories and gifts that will please your tech-minded tween. Just about anyone would be happy to receive a pair of Beats wireless headphones, regardless of their age. Can't afford pricey headphones this year? There are tons of reasonably-priced accessories for their phone, like these cute PopSockets. If you want to give something other than cash or a check but still want to allow your favorite big kid or tween to pick something out on their own, a gift card to ITunes or GameStop is always welcome.

Big Ticket Items

While clever and considerate stocking stuffers are always a hit, you can't beat the "Wow!!!" factor of having a big ticket item like a new bike or hoverboard. Kids Ride Wild provides a useful guide to dirt bikes, or you can try this general guide to bikes for teenagers. Due to the safety concerns associated with some models of hoverboard, you'll want to check the Consumer Products Safety Commission's website before making a purchase.

Small Luxuries

Older girls and tweens may also be ready for some more "teen" like gifts, such as age-appropriate "make-up," beauty products, and jewelry. Bath Bombs from Lush are popular with this age group, as are great-smelling products from Bath and Body Works. Depending on their age and taste, your tween may also appreciate jewelry from Alex & Ani or a Lokai bracelet. You can also find all kinds of affordable, "fast-fashion" clothes and accessories at Forever 21, like this Pom Pom keychain, for example.

Clothes - That They'll Actually Like!

Clothes can be tricky for this age group since so much depends on the child's tastes and what's popular locally. However, retro-style athletic wear is incredibly popular right now. Try picking something up from Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour. If your child is a little older and more into the skate and surf scene instead of athletic apparel, you can try Hollister or Pac Sun.

While this age group can be challenging - in more ways than one - hopefully, some of the gift ideas listed above will make the holiday season a little more enjoyable, for both the giver and receiver!


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