Gibbs Sets The Record Straight

Recently I did an interview with Bangor Daily News reporter Abigail Curtis. Today when I read the article I learned my comments were taken out of context and some comments were omitted. I told Abigail Curtis, as we have discussed many times in the past, that it is paramount for officers investigating domestic violence complaints to take enough time to fully investigate each case. I told her that I repeat this over and over to all the young officers starting out that they must find the truth because if they arrest the wrong person they have created a victim for the second time. I clearly said in the interview that men are not “always” the primary aggressor. I pointed out in the interview that over a 10-year period at the Belfast Police Department 6 out 10 arrested for DV Assault were men, a local true number. Abigail and I have talked about this figure several times before this interview. It must be noted that the original inaccuracy in the article was never properly corrected via the minor note at the bottom.
I understand the seriousness of domestic violence and unfortunately too many cases committed against women and men go unreported.
As Sheriff I am committed to working to build an environment where all victims of domestic violence (male/female) feel comfortable in seeking the assistance of law enforcement! If anyone has questions please reach out to me.

John Gibbs

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Posted by: AVIS RAIRIGH | Nov 02, 2018 16:59

What else would you expect from BDN. Very bios newspaper

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