Geiger to seek re-election to Rockland council

By Stephen Betts | Aug 10, 2017
Valli Geiger

Rockland — Councilor Valli Geiger will seek a second term. Geiger announced late Aug. 9 she would be taking out nomination papers.

Mayor Will Clayton announced Aug. 7 that he would not seek another term.

The seats held by Clayton and Geiger are up for election Nov. 7. Nomination papers became available Aug. 9. The deadline for candidates to file papers with the city clerk with signatures of at least 100 registered Rockland voters is Sept. 25.

Geiger, a nurse, has lived in Rockland for 20 years. She served, before joining the council, as chairman of the city's Comprehensive Planning Commission.

She was elected to the council in 2014.

If Geiger is re-elected, she would become the most veteran member on the council, with three years of experience, barring the election of a former councilor. Councilor Adam Ackor was elected in June 2016, Ed Glaser was elected in November 2016 and Amelia Magjik was elected in June 2017.

During her three years, Geiger has placed an emphasis on increasing affordable housing in Rockland. She has called for allowing for amending the city's zoning laws to permit denser residential development in town and has worked to get tax-acquired properties back into use as housing.

No other candidates have announced.

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Posted by: James Clinton Leach | Aug 13, 2017 19:38

I agree with Valli infill is the right way to go and the Sprinkler system requirement was over the top, the cost can be from 6500.00 and up and let's not forget  Maine Water will be sending you a bill every Month just to have the water on stand by....Both idea's brought to the table by Valli because the Citizens of Rockland are interested in lowering there taxes and sustaining affordable housing ...I do not even know her but she has demonstrated her forward thinking like other Councilors have...Sudjestions vs Criticizing would be helpful for all of the Citizens, diversity of idea's , thought and imagination along with purdent financial practices with elevate us all...

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Aug 13, 2017 14:09

Please be sure to give any other candidates equal coverage. This appears to be the newpaper's agenda to reelect and not wait until all candidates can be treated equally.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Aug 13, 2017 14:08

jAMES i AGREE. Enough smoke and mirrors. Nobody seems to be able to get the point that we are starving because our taxes are so high. Yet, we have worthless ordinances, overpaid city employees, and a budget that is not responsible, but, as things go there will be no changes no matter who runs. Why, because nobody listens? Why, because special interest is the key? Why don't they listen to the vocal minority? Why, because they might have to listen? And, that would hurt their agendas.

Posted by: Valli Genevieve Geiger | Aug 11, 2017 15:44

Ms. Merriam,  to set the record straight, I was not required to have a sprinkler. I live within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant as was the requirement. I did not think it was reasonable or fair that others, trying to build in Rockland faced a large expense that other communities did not require. That is why I pursued an amendment to the sprinkler ordinance.

I am interested in encouraging people to move to Rockland so that our tax burden is shared among more people.

Valli Geiger

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 11, 2017 13:26

Seems like my perspective may not be very popular, yet am going to add it. During the past year have spoken to all five of our city councilors and have been impressed with the response received. Don't always agree with the decisions, but respect their position and integrity; along with willingness to do a rather thankless job that involves countless hours and inconvenience. 

My intention is to attend more council meetings, encourage teamwork and unless having a solution try not to add to the problem.

Image result for resolver attitude signs in english

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Aug 11, 2017 12:38

Geiger's positions have always been her own self-interests, e.g. the home sprinkler ordinances, in-filling, etc. vs. the best interests of Rockland. Neither Geiger nor any city councilors have done anything to halt the steady rise of property taxes in the city. She and Ackor publicly demonstrated how city councilors lack decorum and basic civility. -Phyllis Merriam

Posted by: Nicole Jeanette Boutin | Aug 11, 2017 08:49

we need people to run for council, that will bring in business, create jobs & lower our taxes...not talk about Sanctuary Cities.

James Raye


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