Garage Storage Ideas to Relieve Garage Clutter

By Samar kishor Chakma

Garage clutter seems to be a major problem in more ways than one. Apart from denying space to your family cars, much of the stuff we dump in the garage tends to be either bulky, awkwardly shaped, toxic, heavy or a combination thereof. Thank goodness we don’t just dump this gear in our living rooms.

Some of the common culprits that turn into garage clutter are common household items. Garden shovels and mowers, adult and children’s bikes, engine and other lubricating oils, fishing rods, golf clubs and bags, plus a load of other things that we’re never quite sure where to store. The garage so easily becomes a general dumping ground. The end result is frequently no space for one, let alone two, cars.

Thankfully, this problem is so common that many manufacturers have dreamed up a vast range of solutions. You will not be short of garage storage ideas once you start looking around. The best of those solutions will cater for all the awkward shapes and heavy or toxic materials mentioned above. In fact, whatever your garage storage problem is, there is sure to be a solution available. Hire storage facility like storage units El Monte is one of the best solutions.The only restricting factor will be your budget, plus possibly the size of your garage if you really are overloaded with possessions that need storing there.

Clearing out any unwanted or unneeded items is a good start in any de-cluttering exercise. Also, consider if your garden items would be better stored in the garden shed. If you do not have one, then that could be a good starting point. A plastic shed, even a small horizontal storage shed or locker, could relieve much of your problem if your garage is littered with gardening tools and equipment.

Getting down to the garage itself, try to visually assess how you might store everything you have remaining that needs. Can you store it all on the wall with the use of racking, whether fixed or free standing? Or can you make use of the space above the car? Overhead garage storage is a great idea if you have a clutter problem, as it uses space which is otherwise wasted.

Manufacturers have come up with some brilliant garage storage ideas which make use of this overhead space. They may seem a bit expensive, but they do tend to be good value. Plus, they really do get to the heart of your clutter problem.

Do not skimp on safety when it comes to implementing your ideas for garage storage. Wall mounted metal racks are great if they are safe and secure; if not, they are hazardous. Ceiling mounted racking may be the most decisive solution, but safety is even more important there. I’ll leave that to your imagination. Rest assured, though, that the best overhead storage systems are designed to bear considerable significant loads. However, do ensure those loads are not exceeded.

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