Furnace malfunction bathes neighborhood in fumes

By Stephanie Grinnell | Feb 26, 2014
Photo by: Stephanie Grinnell A furnace malfunction was reported at 17 Ames Terrace on Feb. 26.

Camden — The area surrounding 17 Ames Terrace was swathed in a light haze of smoke and the pungent fumes of burning heating oil the evening of Feb. 26.

Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley said a furnace malfunction inside the trailer at that location was to blame. Firefighters from Camden assisted in shutting down the furnace shortly after 5 p.m.

The residents were not expected to stay at the home.

(Photo by: Stephanie Grinnell)
Firefighters from Camden take a fire extinguisher inside the trailer located at 17 Ames Terrace, where there was a furnace malfunction. (Photo by: Stephanie Grinnell)
(Photo by: Stephanie Grinnell)
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