full moon on valentine's day at 6:54pm open your heart and love more!

By ananur forma | Feb 12, 2014


February 12-16 the Sun & Mercury are in Aquarius nicely aspecting Mars in Libra. Intelligent conversations take place which could make an impact. More laws will change that bring about hope for civil rights.


February 13 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with both Jupiter and Uranus bringing out the rebel in you. You’re apt to be defensive, defiant, and impatient.


February 14 the Full Moon takes place at precisely 6:54 p.m. with the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. With Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio relating to the Full Moon’s position. This Full Moon is about relating. The problems are old karmic patterns from long ago which are igniting the tension felt. Old beliefs that no longer fit need to be revitalized with new creations that work better for the whole to manifest friendship where there has been long held resentment. As always with a full moon we feel it’s affects a few days before and a few days afterwards. Those who are psychically sensitive and those born during a full moon usually say that the full moon has a strong affect on them.


February 14-16 the Sun and Mercury are in an awkward aspect with Pluto indicating issues with cooperation and lack of it. Those who feel “powerless” are doing whatever they can to prove their worth and it doesn’t look very nice.


February 16-18 Mercury while retrograding is in a challenging aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus. Your thinking is not clear. Your mind is probably racing.



February 17-19 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Saturn bringing out worry, guilt and shame. This aspect ends at noon on February 19. There will be blockages to progress which would cause tension and frustration. Try to relax and ride it out. This would not be a good aspect to have during a wedding ceremony.


February 18 the Sun enters into Pisces at 1 p.m. remaining here until March 20. Idealistic fantasies surface for the best ever relationship to appear. Idealistic fantasies also surface for the world to be an ideal place where people love and care for each other. As you’ve heard over and over I’m sure, we have to begin within our own minds and hearts to create an ideal circumstance in order for that to manifest externally. While the Sun is in Pisces we tend to be in our own dream world. Assuming that others understand what we’re thinking and needing… finds us in a mess. Try to improve your communications because Mercury is still retrograde. The good thing about the Sun in Pisces is that it stimulates the art of self healing through a routine “spiritual practice.”


February 19 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Neptune. High idealism about a potential mate you’ve met online may find you in a mess with someone who is using the singles network for scamming purposes. I’ve seen this recently with a friend who naively wired money to her online “soul-mate” only to find from her bank that he was a scam artist. This was absolutely shocking to my friend who is a romantic, idealistic Pisces.


February 21-23 the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. If you are thinking of going to a spiritual healer, now is the ripe time. It all depends on your belief system if it will work or not and on what level of healing you will receive it. It might not be physical. Don’t be let down. Spiritual healing can often take place on the inner level and bring about healing on the physical level sometime in the future and this can be the starting point. One more thing about this aspect is that it can cause you to feel spacey and confused. I should know, I was born with the Sun conjunct Neptune (in Libra).


February 22-24 Venus is in a favorable aspect with Saturn which finds relationships more committed. Talking honestly about expectations may help bring idealistic thoughts down to reality.


February 26-March 1 the Sun in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Cancer. Your psychic awareness is increasing that is if you are paying attention and acting on it. Your dream life ought to be ignited and you would do well to write down the dreams that come and then look back at what you wrote a month from now. They would be prophetic.

This is also a good time for self healing to take place.




February 28 Mercury will be turning DIRECT at 9 a.m. You may find that it takes a few days for misunderstandings to be corrected unless you work at it persistently.

40’s and rainy.


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