Full Moon July 12. Sun enters into Leo with Jupiter on July 22. New Moon July 26. Leo people will love having Jupiter in Leo for 1 year!

By ananur forma | Jul 13, 2014

July 12 the Full Moon takes place at 7:25 a.m. with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. The best way to express your deeper feelings today is through writing. With the Moon in Capricorn it’s not easy to put your inner most feelings into words verbally. You need to say some things to a loved one that they need to hear.


July 14 the Sun is aspecting Neptune finding you tired and spaced out. This is another good day for just relaxing. Mercury is aspecting Saturn which stirs up negative thoughts. Use this energy wisely by organizing and planning. Avoid criticizing.



July 16, 2014 - 8/11/2015 Jupiter moves into Leo and stays awhile. With Jupiter  in Leo our Leo born buddies will be enjoying financial gain and opportunities being laid at their feet, just what they like. With Jupiter in Leo we will see more wastefulness displayed by those in high paid CEO positions. How can it be that they earn so much when the workers earn so little? If it weren’t for the workers there would be no business at all.

July 16-18 Mercury is in a fine aspect with Neptune offering high spiritual energy which is incredibly uplifting for musicians and writers. It also suggests that those with healing energy are going to be experiencing a boost in their abilities. Now is the time to get a massage! The Sun in Cancer is in awkward aspect with Mars in Libra. Action. This aspect demands that we all take action and not sit back and stew in anger over some issue or circumstance. Be reasonable and diplomatic, yet forthright.


July 18 Venus enters Cancer and remains here until August 12. It’s time to dance. Cancer is a water sign and is full of emotion and rhythm. Dancing is good for the soul.


July 18 Venus is in a positive aspect to Jupiter which brings about the desire for food, sweets, and alcohol. It’s a good time for a fund raising event.


July 19 Venus will be in a challenging aspect to Saturn which signals disappointment and financial issues resulting in feeling overwhelmed.


July 20 Saturn turns direct at 4:36 p.m. Saturn has been retrograde since March 2, 2014. This forward motion (of Saturn) will be very helpful for starting a new business. There’s been a holding back period and it’s just ended. If you’re selling your house this is the time you’ve been waiting for. You should see some action now.


July 21 Uranus now turns retrograde until December 21, 2014. With Uranus retrograde keep a personal diary of all the mystical experiences you encounter and keep it to yourself. Jot down your dreams as well. Observe your own symbolism which will be coming clear after recording enough dreams to notice what your own personal symbolism is and the cosmic humor that exists in the dream realm. This will be a time of percolating your telepathic intuitive abilities.



July 22 the Sun enters Leo at 5:42 p.m. and remains here until August 22. It’s party time. You’ll notice more parties, fund raisers, art gallery events, and all kinds of social events taking place. We’re really into summer now. Most Leo people are sun worshippers. You’ll find them soaking in the rays. With Jupiter in Leo as well, it’s time for expanding consciousness and spreading the joy.


July 22-24 Venus will be in a super fine aspect with Neptune which increases love, compassion and receiving nurturance more easily. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Leo until July 24 at midnight. Some will benefit financially from this conjunction. Anyone born July 24-27, November 23-26, and March 22-25 of any year will find that their “luck” has changed!


July 25 Mars enters Scorpio until September 13. As good as it gets and as awful as it can be, is how I think of this position for Mars. It can bring about incredible healing powers. It can also be a time of incredible jealousy and wanting “to get even.” It could bring about great strides in stopping the rape of our people. More and more attention is shining on the issue in war torn countries and in general everywhere on this planet. It’s time for this incredibly cruel crime to be dealt with more dramatically.


July 26 the New Moon will take place at 6:42 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 3 degrees of Leo. Jupiter is close by in Leo. Because Mars is in early degrees of Scorpio it too is going to have an affect on us with this particular New Moon. Number one is that the energy is excessive, compulsive and suggestive of over indulgences. The planets relationships during the New Moon suggests that belief patterns need to be faced and transcended and replaced with new thoughts about how life ought to be. For instance, overcoming prejudicial perspectives would fit with the planetary energies. There’s a stubborn attitude to the planets that will attract situations which get you to face your stubbornness because it’s based on nothing substantial plus blocking energy and perhaps causing you mental and physical pain. The energy of the New Moon is with us for 29 ½ days, until the next New Moon. The Full Moon on August 10 will test where you’re at with releasing old beliefs and expectations.


July 26-28 Venus is opposite Pluto. Great energy for being creative and letting go of past disappointments through artistic expression.


July 28-29 the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Neptune. You need more rest.


July 29-31 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Uranus causing upsets in relationships.


July 31 Mercury will be entering Leo and remains in this blunt, flamboyant, playful fire sign until August 15. Voices are louder,laughter is lighter and fun is plentiful.


July 30-August 2 Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter and in a challenging aspect to Mars. Be careful with your words. Words can do so much damage if mingled in with intense emotion. Think before speaking.


July 30-August 1 Venus in Cancer will be aspecting Saturn in Scorpio favorably. You know who you can depend on. Relationships that have lasted for years and years are to be celebrated.


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