Full Moon 10:28 p.m. Tuesday December 29. Be kind to family members.

Dec 28, 2020

This Full Moon we're moving towards tomorrow, which some are feeling already is tricky.

I say that because deep emotions are apt to come up unexpectedly. You are under pressure and the Full Moon's energy just brings it up and out, like an internal volcanic eruption. It can be like that. Does it have to be? No, of course not. If you set it up so that no matter what... you promise yourself you will NOT react to your family member who usually "pushes your buttons." This is tricky and may require preparation before engaging in conversations with persons in your family circle that are difficult for you to be with, or converse with. Have compassion for yourself and plan to walk or write and protect your sensitivity before being with difficult family persons. Do not try to tough it out. It won't work.

I find I cannot have conversations with certain family members or friends who are dedicated followers of "Q Anon."  We simply see things differently, so much so that I temporarily (hope it's temporary) lost a good friend. She used to live in Maine. Now is in North Carolina. We used to enjoy hour long phone conversations. My sister? I won't even touch the subject of politics with her, not worth it to me. Too divisive.

Besides the fact that the Moon is at 8 degrees of Cancer  opposite the Sun at 8 degrees of Capricorn there are other factors to consider. I'm now referring to Neptune in Pisces in a VERY challenging aspect to the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius.

Oh my.

Scammed. Somehow we are ALL globally being scammed could be the virus spreading like crazy, not sure, it's not nice. Oil spill? Gasoline caused fire to take place? Could be water contaminated intentionally? Be alert listen to my concern here. I would never ever say this unless I thought for sure that something is amiss. The astrological chart for this Full Moon is showing me  that something indeed is amiss. We are being lied to somehow. We won't really know the scoop for awhile.

Stay strong and stable no matter what, as they say "this too shall pass." If you feel super sensitive now this is why, you're picking up psychically that something is wrong. Some who are especially psychic, may have a prophetic dream or maybe they already did warning them of this time?

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