From feline wallflower to Tiger Lily

Jun 11, 2018

Camden — We all remember those shy, awkward kids in high school that hung out on the periphery and didn’t quite know how to interact with the other kids. Later, you met them at your reunion and you didn’t even recognize them because over time they had blossomed. You might even have been one of them yourself! Well, the same thing happens with some of the cats brought into P.A.W.S.

No matter how well we take care of them, these cats are downright terrified of being here. All the strange people, cats, commotion, noises, dogs barking, foreign smells, even vibrations, can be overwhelming to a cat who has lived a quiet life without a lot of socialization. Most of these cats are just shy and scared and need time and patience to come out of their shells. A few are feral, which means they’ve grown up wild and never been handled by people. Feral cats are usually too frightened, due to a lack of human socialization, to ever be happy as house pets. So at P.A.W.S. we adopt them out as “barn cats.”

Let’s meet some of the P.A.W.S. cats. There’s Miranda, who spent a year trying to be invisible in cat room two. The P.A.W.S. Pals campers were great about leaving her alone during camp last summer, when they were in petting the other cats, and in turn she got as flat to her bed as possible and tried her best to disappear. Then one day she just decided to come out of hiding!

Then there’s Bertha, Eleanor, and Lucky, who spent years alone in small cages and had absolutely no idea what to do when they came to P.A.W.S. and were given the freedom of our upstairs offices to move around in. They hid and refused to eat. Then one night I was sitting at my desk and out popped Bertha who started head butting and rubbing and purring up a storm. She couldn’t get enough attention! Then she dove into her food like there was no tomorrow!

The photos are of some of the cats mentioned above, there are several more at the shelter, who are starting to open up and blossom. All of these feline furry flowers would love for a kindhearted special someone, who is patient and understanding, to adopt them and give them a safe, loving, forever home. In return they’ll become your best friend!  For more information about these cats or to meet others please visit the shelter at 123 John Street, Camden or P.A.W.S. is a nonprofit no-kill animal shelter.


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