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By Loyal Biscuit Co. | May 12, 2014

It’s definitely cliche to say, but it doesn’t seem like a dollar goes as far as it used to. Budgeting and saving have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. We at the LBC understand how important it is to make every dollar count; which is why we have a whole slew of frequent buyer programs and deals available for our customers. Many of you are probably very familiar with some of the frequent buyers we have, but just in case I’ve compiled a list!

  • Fenway’s Frequent Buyer Program: Now this is a frequent buyer program that you will only find at the LBC. For every dollar you spend at any of the LBC locations you will accrue one point. Once you reach 250 points (or $250 dollars), you a $10 credit that you can use on any purchase over $10! The great thing is that we keep track of your points for you in our computer system so there are no certificates that you might lose track of. We check your points during every transaction so we’ll let you know when there is a $10 credit ready for you to use.

  • Frequent Bather Card: Much like our Fenway FBP, this one is also LBC specific. We have a punch card for all of our customers that use our self serve dog washes. Every time you bring your dog in for a bath, we’ll give your card a little dog bone shaped punch. After your ninth bath, your tenth is free! This is one that you do have to keep track of, so make sure you keep it somewhere where you’d remember it.

  • Frequent Buyers for food: We have many frequent buyer cards available for a few of the brands of food we carry. Currently there are programs for Orijen and Acana, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Earthborn, Fromm, The Honest Kitchen, and Primal. Each program has it’s own set of guidelines, but they’re usually buy X amount of bags/boxes, get one free. Take Canidae for example: if you buy 12 bags, you get one free. Usually you have to buy the same size product every time, but there are a few (Fromm and Orijen/Acana) where you can mix and match sizes with either the most frequently purchased product or least expensive being the free one. Like Fenway’s FBP, we keep all the paperwork on file in store for you so you don’t have to worry about collecting UPCs or receipts.

  • Miscellaneous Coupons: We do accept all manufacturer’s coupons. If we find them for the products we carry, we will often stick them to the appropriate bags, but we will often keep a few at the register. We currently have coupons available for Stella & Chewy’s (save $2.00 on any one freeze-dried or frozen dinner for dog or cat as a $5.00 mail in rebate), Nature’s Variety (save $3.00 on any kibble or raw diet), Wild Calling (buy two cans get one free), and Blue Buffalo litter (save $5 off any size bag).

As always, if would like to know more about our frequent buyer programs or have any other questions, please drop us a comment or message on our facebook page!

Until next time, Loyal fans!

The Loyal Biscuit Co. was named The Best Maine Pet Store by the readers of Downeast Dog News for 2010, 2011 and 2012; Best of the Best for Knox County for 2010, 2011, 2013; Best of the Best for Waldo County 2013, 2012 Pet Store Retailer of the Year - Honorable Mention and 2013 Retailer of the Year - Outstanding Growth from Pet Product News International.

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