Free Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

By Jennifer Noble | Jul 18, 2017

It's been a tight couple of weeks, and now you're broke. It's happened to the best of us. Turning over every couch cushion and searching our pockets, we come up with nothing. What can we do to pass the time? Here are some free ways to entertain yourself at home.


Rediscover Your Inner Artist


Have you always wanted to write a book, learn how to draw or paint a picture, but you've never really had the time? This is a great opportunity for you to rediscover your inner artist. You may find that your talents will lead you down a path of discovery and offer a new income stream. Even if it's just for fun, working in the arts can be extremely fulfilling.


Reconnect with Old Friends


Remember your buddies from high school? You fell out of touch after so many years, but with the wonders of Facebook, you can get in touch with them again. Make yourself a cup of tea and see who you might have been missing for all this time. You may find that your old best friend becomes your new one.


Play Games


Games are a wonderful way to pass the time. There are several games available for free online for every kind of gamer. You can download games for free online, and you'll find that playing helps sharpen your mind. Games also provide a distraction from everyday life and are an enjoyable adventure.


Learn to Cook


While most of us know the basics, this is a fun opportunity to learn how to cook something special. If you've got multiple ingredients lying around, you can find creative uses for them. There are several tutorials available online to help you make your culinary masterpiece.


Learn to Love Reading Again


Whether it's spending time on Tumblr or picking up one of those novels gathering dust on your bookshelf, reading is always a great way to spend time. You can go on trips around the world, or to other worlds, between the covers of a book. Imagination is always free.


Take a Bath


We often don't take much time for ourselves in this busy modern age. A bath is a wonderful way to relax. If you don't have a bubble bath, you can use shampoo or shower gel. If you don't have those, a few tea bags will work and give your bath a delightful aroma. Try a glass of wine or a bottle of beer for ultimate relaxation purposes.


Binge-Watch a Show


If you have a streaming service like Netflix, you can always binge-watch a new TV show. This can take up hours of your time. You may even fall in love with a new universe and its characters. If you're not fortunate enough to have a streaming service, there are always Youtube videos of cats.


Get in Shape


Exercise is another thing we all put off because we're too busy or there isn't enough time in the day. There's no need for expensive gym memberships. You can get in shape with the kind of exercise that doesn't cost anything. Your future body will thank you.


Don't despair if you find yourself short of cash. There are several options for entertaining yourself at home, many of them free. You may even discover a hidden talent or a new passion while you are looking for things to do. You may even find that you can think of even better activities on your own.


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