FREE. No fee. WHOOPEEEE!! New Year's Eve Supper and FUN Night

Community Happenings
Grace Bible Fellowship
Sherer Lane Rockland, ME
Pastor Mike
Dec 31, 2013
6:00 PM
Photo by: Yahoo A sober, safe and somewhat sane way to spend New Year's Eve for a price that won't ruin your budget.

Pot luck dinner, vision for the coming year, Year In Review video, special entertainment, all types of fun games around the tables. Some may stay until midnight, others may not. Come join us for an evening of FUN!!! EVERYONE WELCOME

As Pastor Mike says: "come on out and enjoy the festivities! We have a talent/no talent competition, an ugly sweater prize, food, fun, fellowship, games..DONT MISS OUT." "  


WELL, here's what you have been waiting for!! The rules for the "Ugly Holiday Sweater Decorating Contest"

Take a sweater, amy sweater, and turn it into a holiday work of art! You cab start with a holiday sweater, if you have one, or decorate any sweater or sweatshirt you already have. Wear it; or just bring it. During the evening you'll have the opportunity to model tour creation. Then everyone will get to vote on which one is the best, most creative, biggest WOW factor, craziest creation.

You don't have to do anything that will permanently alter your sweater, just attach the decorations in such a way that they can be removed easily. Sew, use ribbons or even safety pins. "Over the top" creations are encouraged and will probably win!! GO WILD!! HAVE FUN!!

Laughter and the special blessing of spending the last few hours of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 with people who love God and each other's friendship. Come join us. :)