Fourth-graders share opinions about snow

Jan 11, 2018

Union — We have received several opinion pieces on snow from students in Donna Munro's fourth-grade glass at Union Elementary School. The students expressed a range of views about the fluffy white stuff, some of which may have been influenced by parents ("Don't even get me started on driving. You have to be extra careful so you don't crash of slip off the road."), but all shared one characteristic of a good editorial: they expressed their views with conviction, using examples to make their case. Thanks to Munro and her students for sharing their work with our readers.

Here are a few excerpts from their pieces:

"Up in Maine our snow is slushy, soggy and wet. I come inside with wet clothes and wet hair, which is very uncomfortable. Snow can be awesome and horrible at that same time." -- Karis Burns

"In my opinion, snow is a fantastic world of white. ... People have to do tons of shoveling, but lucky for me, that’s what the boys have to do. ... It might mean a marshmallow of jackets and snow pants, but, oh well, it keeps you warm. I can’t wait to play with my dog in the the snow. I love snow!" -- Claudia Feeley

"I don’t like snow because it is cold, wet, and annoying. One reason I hate snow is I have to shovel the snow off my porch. ... The second reason I don’t like snow is that it is so, so very wet. ... The last reason is when snow comes ski pants come. And I don't like ski pants. They make me feel that I am in a house fire." -- Hailey Glidden

"[Y]ou have to get all this gear on, you can get snow in your clothes, there can be snowstorms and ice storms, and it’s freezing cold! You can also get in car crashes and you have to shovel tons of snow!" -- Kamryn Snell

"Snow is a beautiful thing. When the sun shines on the snow it looks like a white fluffy blanket. With millions of containers of white shimmering, beautiful, sparkling, flawless, glittery things falling from the sky snow is amazing." -- Aaliyah TenBroeck

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