Foundation Replacement

Photo by: David Luckman Pouring concrete for a new foundation.

Ever wonder how a foundation is replaced when there is a house sitting on top of it?  The answer is “very carefully”.  In Hope the MCC crew is replacing an old stone foundation under a sizable farmhouse. The new foundation is a poured 10” thick concrete wall with an authentic granite foundation cap.

To do this the home must be lifted off the old foundation with cribbing which is a system of carefully stacked wood.  Pictured is the home held up by cribbing and the concrete being poured from a concrete mixer.

Other improvements that are being made include new a perimeter drainage system for the inside and outside of the foundation walls, a new basement slab (pictured), and the replacement of rotten sills, beams, floor joists and posts.  Excavated material will also be used to construct a new stone retaining wall on the backside of the house to help control surface water runoff.

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Excavation of the old foundation. (Photo by: David Luckman)
Old foundation removed, the home is being held up by wood cribbing. (Photo by: David Luckman)
Concrete Forms (Photo by: David Luckman)
New concrete foundation! (Photo by: David Luckman)
Granite (Photo by: David Luckman)
The basement's new concrete slab in progress. (Photo by: David Luckman)
The completed basement concrete slab. (Photo by: David Luckman)
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