Ford recalls

While Ford recalls thousands of Windstars. We all take for granted a lot of things that are as we say "built in" but not Ford. We are the American Icon, and we stand behind our products. While most of us are busy raising our children, guiding them and working every minute we can to just get by, the big ones at Ford are looking out for us. While most of us are waiting to be able to get to the next place in our lives Ford is looking into the future with new models and new adventures. So while we wait and dream of the next adventure Ford also looks at where we are today and thinks about the safety and future of what you are driving today. Ford like all companies have recalls, but we look a little further into the safety and economics of our products. We have stood by our customers and products for years. We go back not one year but many years. We look at vehicles that are ten, fifteen even twenty years old regardless of milage to ensure the safety of our customers. We recall our vehicles to keep you and your family safe and welcome you to stop in and check for any recalls on your vehicle today. We want to ensure your safety and security in driving our products today and tomorrow. So when your driving by Rockland Ford Lincoln Mercury go ahead and gives us a beep or stop in and say hello to Service Manager Mike Benner and our crew of long time employees. The most important person in our business is you, the customer. 

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