Five questions for 'Ticket Troy'

By Beth A. Birmingham | Mar 30, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

Troy Peasley can be seen roaming the streets of Rockland on a daily basis. He has been the ticket officer for the Rockland Police Department for 19 years.

Officer Peasley was born in Rockland and raised in Owls Head. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has an associate degree in law enforcement.

He does not go by Walkie Chalkie like the former ticket officer Earl Robishaw. Peasley said, "I never wanted to steal his name. He was a legend."

Instead, he has been referred to as "Ticket Troy," which he does not mind.

Peasley has a son, Takoda, and a daughter, Keariel. He lives with his wife, Susan, in Union.

His hobbies are traveling, movies, concerts, ice hockey and jogging. He is an avid Boston sports fan.

How many miles do you walk per day?

"Ten." He knows because he used to wear a pedometer.

What do you like most about your job?

"Meeting people and being outside."

What is the worst weather you have dealt with?

"This past winter, and the cold and rain."

What is the funniest excuse you have heard?

"When someone actually lies to me and says they 'have permission' to park there. I just smile and tell them to have a good day."

What is the oddest thing you have observed while walking your beat?

"A moose walking down Main Street several years ago, and a dump truck that totaled four cars in front of The Store."

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Apr 03, 2014 08:20

Troy. Has grown to be as much of a legend as Earl with a passion and personality equal to the man who carrier the wand for so many years.  You need to love what you do and Troy certainly does.



Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Mar 31, 2014 18:10

hes doing his job

Posted by: John H McFadden III | Mar 31, 2014 09:00

I am sure I have had a couple of tickets from him!  LOL


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