Five questions for 'The Wasses Girls'

By Beth A. Birmingham | Apr 05, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Sherrie Losier, Lillian Jones and Bea Dodge call themselves The Wasses Girls — serving up the famous hot dogs to their clientele.

Wasses has been around for 42 years, serving up their famous combination of grilled hot dogs and onions on a soft bun at its Rockland, Thomaston and Belfast locations.

Owner Keith Wass of Lincolnville entrusts the 2 North Main St. wagon in Rockland to The Wasses Girls — Sherrie Losier, Lillian Jones and Bea Dodge — who have a combined 38 years behind the spatula.

The cash-and-carry business caters to all sorts of clientele from the regulars to family reunions to business functions. While they were grilling and packaging an order for a special event at Oceanside High School East, the trio took time to answer these five questions:

What is the largest order you have had to fill?

"Either the annual E.L. Spear family reunion or a special order from Fisher Engineering for 200 hot dogs."

What is the oddest request you have received for a topping?

"Peanut butter."

How many hot dogs do you sell on a daily basis?

"It varies according to the weather and events going on." One could place their own bet just by watching the line form throughout the day.

What is the most common combination ordered?

"A hot dog with 'everything' — mustard, relish and onions."

Why is ketchup not included on an everything hot dog?

"The original owner did not offer ketchup. When Mr. Wass took over, he tried putting ketchup on an everything automatically — customers didn't like that. Now it is a special request."

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Posted by: Steve Dugan | Apr 06, 2014 00:00

When I'am in town, forget the the lobster. The first place I go to is Wasses, in a two week stay I'll hit it up 4-5 times.

Posted by: Arline Quinn Heline | Apr 05, 2014 18:48

Why do not all Wasses Wagons have Cheese fries?   I am a user!!! And I must go to Rockland (north) to get them.






Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Apr 05, 2014 15:49

Some people think Rockland is famous because of the Farnsworth. Personally, believe it to be Wasses Dogs. ;)  Glad I don't live any closer. MMMMMMM!


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