Five questions for 'Coach Maz'

By Beth A. Birmingham | Jun 23, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Senator "Coach" Edward Mazurek

He can be seen walking the boardwalk in Rockland five out of seven days each week. It may appear he is campaigning based on the number of people who exchange pleasantries with him.

Everyone knows him. From his years coaching softball and football at Rockland District High School to his service on the City Council to his representation in both the House and Senate, Edward Mazurek is lovingly referred to as "Coach" in all realms.

A social studies teacher in Rockland for 25 years, Mazurek took the RDHS Tigers softball team to numerous state playoffs.

"I enjoyed softball," said Mazurek. "We never had a losing season."

He said it was much different from his 10 years coaching football. "Softball didn't have the pressure that football did," he said.

Mazurek will not be seeking reelection when his term expires this November. He said his decision does not have anything to do with what may or may not be going on in Augusta. Mazurek said the campaigning would be difficult for him with his "worn-out legs."

"If I can't do it the way I'm used to then I won't do it," said Mazurek, who said he always tried to represent all the people. He has served five terms total — four in the House and one in the Senate, under the leadership of Gov. John Baldacci and Gov. Paul LePage.

He took time during one of his strolls to answer these five questions:

How did you get involved in government?

"I've always had an interest in it. When I got done coaching I was approached to serve on the City Council, and found the decision-making process interesting so decided to try it on the state level. I served on the Transportation Committee and the Marine Resources Committee, both important to the Midcoast area."

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your life, thus far?

"My family. They are all grown up — Richard, Laura, Sarah and EJ — and all have rather successful endeavors in life and are beginning to contribute to the area. They are picking up the reins and getting involved."

What are your thoughts on being named Grand Marshal of the Lobster Festival parade?

"The Lobster Festival is what this region is known for and it occurs during the pinnacle of the season. I am honored. It is a privilege. I am pleased to serve in that role this year."

What are your thoughts on the changes this area has seen over the years?

"When we first moved here, we thought it would only be for one year ... it was a rugged town then. It now has turned into such a picturesque seaside and become a tourist destination. I am pleased with all the positive changes."

What is on your bucket list?

"I really don't have anything pressing I have to do. My wife Maryellen is still in real estate, and the grandchildren are doing fairly well in sports. I'm looking forward to still being active and involved wherever possible. Whatever comes along will come along."

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