Fire Safety is a Year-Round Pursuit

Winter brings its own special fire safety concerns. Here is a short list, starting with candle safety.

1. We can't say enough about candle safety. Children. Pets. Curtains. Holiday decorations. Be aware and don't leave candles burning unattended.

2. Frozen water pipes: Don't try to thaw them with a blow torch or open flame. The pipe could conduct heat and ignite the wall.

3. Discard hot ashes from your woodstove or fireplace in a metal container, then put the container outside, away from your house ... and not on the deck.

4. It's dangerous to use a range or oven for heat. It's a safety hazard and a source of toxic gases.

MOST IMPORTANT: Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lifes. Make sure you have these, that they are in good working order and that you change batteries in devices that use them, at least twice a year.

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