Fire Prevention Week: Safe 9-Volt Battery Storage

9-volt batteries power our smoke detectors, household items, and toys. They can be found in most homes, but these batteries can be a fire hazard if not stored safely or disposed of with care.

It is unsafe to store 9-volt batteries in a drawer near paper clips, coins, pens, or other batteries. Do not store common household items such as steel wool, aluminum foil, and keys near 9-volts. If these items touch the two posts, there is a greater risk of a fire starting.

Keep 9-volt batteries in the original packaging until you are ready to use them. If loose, keep the posts covered with masking, duct, or electrical tape. Store batteries standing up. Do not store them in containers with other batteries.

This week is Fire Safety Week—Look for safety tips all week here on Village Soup and on ourFacebook page. Source: National Fire Protection Association.

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