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Cause determined for Thomaston house fire

By Stephen Betts | Apr 14, 2021
Photo by: Stephen Betts Crews work to extinguish a fire April 8 at a house at 27 New County Road in Thomaston.

Thomaston — An April 8 fire at a house on Route 1 in Thomaston was caused by improper disposal of smoking materials.

Thomaston Fire Chief Mike Mazzeo said the fire caused an estimated damage of $10,000 to the exterior of the home located across from Fabian Oil.

The house is owned by Dragon Products.

The firefighting efforts led to the closure of both lanes on Route 1.

The fire on New County Road was reported initially at about 2 p.m. as smoke come from the rear of the building.

Crews from Rockland, Warren, Cushing, South Thomaston and Waldoboro joined the crews on scene, along with Thomaston police. The fire was extinguished shortly after 2:30 p.m.

There were no injuries.

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Comments (13)
Posted by: Alana Allen | Apr 18, 2021 01:23

It doesn't matter what started the fire, as long as it was not arson (and it was not) !  I know this family and the fire was accidental.  Fires are always frightening.  I am just glad that no one was injured and the fire was put out quickly.  Hoping the family finds a new home soon.


Posted by: Alana Allen | Apr 16, 2021 09:33

My comment POSTED  was in reference to  ANANUR FORMA comment on the fire, not Ann frisbie

Posted by: Alana Allen | Apr 16, 2021 09:23

Ann, You shouldn't post about something that you don't have all the facts about. If you feel the need to comment about a family that has been uprooted from their home you might get all the facts. This is a sad event, not one to judge and comment on because YOU have unsettled feelings. How about just plain feelings. I don't smoke,but I don't put myself above anyone that does. Why don't you call the police and get the facts before posting something about a family that has just been through a lot of trauma. I mean......if you are that interested.

Posted by: ANANUR FORMA | Apr 15, 2021 08:43

"Smoking materials" as in cigarettes? Perhaps someone ought to be fined for smoking materials not dealt with properly, if I am reading this correctly. This obviously  puts people who care, in danger. if you smoke please be careful of what you're doing!

If I have misinterpreted what is meant here by "smoking materials"  pls. forgive me.

I watched a friend die from smoking for so many yrs.  It's an  unsettling topic for me.

Posted by: Janie Jacques | Apr 09, 2021 16:41

Ann Frisbee, you say you pay your taxes and want what you pay for. I'm feeling the same way about Oceanside High Schools Athletic Dept. We're certainly not getting what we pay for here.  I'm sure there are many more issues that need to be brought up to the public as well as these two. We're paying cadllac salaries and receiving volkswagen services.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Apr 09, 2021 12:19

Traffic lights do not cause accidents. Inattentive, impatient drivers are to blame. I have never heard of a traffic light rear ending anyone. Yellow lights mean caution not speed up and blow through the intersection.

Posted by: Nina Reed | Apr 09, 2021 10:07

Ann, take it to the town, not on a post about someone's house burning. ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Ann M Frisbie | Apr 09, 2021 08:58

I think if the lights in Thomaston would be working all the time and not just blinking yellow, maybe accidents wouldnt happen. To have them blinking yellow at say 4 pm is rediculous. The town officials need to communicte with the state on the importance of these lights wokring THE WAY THEY SHOULD and not say its all controlled by the state. WELL its our town, come on now.I pay my taxes and I want what I pay for.

Posted by: Dale Curtis | Apr 08, 2021 18:46

Thankful for all that showed up for this effort.  Regardless if your house was not mentioned.

Posted by: Rebecca Elwell | Apr 08, 2021 15:12

South Thomaston is there also



Posted by: Stephen Betts | Apr 08, 2021 14:58

Across from the Gulf station.


Posted by: Galo Joseph Hernandez 3rd | Apr 08, 2021 14:58

Creek hill, aka Fabian.

Posted by: johanna stadler | Apr 08, 2021 14:45

Gulf Station?

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