February astrologically looks better because Jupiter is no longer retrograde. New Moon February 10.

By ananur forma | Feb 01, 2013

Mercury retrograde? Starting on Saturday February 23 at 4:42 a.m. until March 17 at 3:03 p.m. Meanwhile as always between New Moon and Full Moon is the BEST time to begin a new project. The planetary energies are here to support your success. The New Moon will take place Sunday February 10. The Full Moon takes place Monday February 25.

February 1 Venus is in a positive aspect with Mars which favors a balance between male/female energies within us all. It can also be about men and women working together harmoniously. Venus enters into Aquarius today and Mars will enters Pisces today. Women carry the vision and men hold compassion.

February 2 Mercury will be in an awkward aspect with Pluto. Sharp words said will create a set back. It takes humility to go over what was said and find the truth in the hurtful words.

February 2-4 Mars is conjunct Neptune at 1 degree of Pisces. Pure compassion wants to be expressed and used as motivation for what you do. Allow this process to take place without a whole lot of thinking, it woks best that way. Pisces is a psychic sign. Let Love move you without expectation.

February 3 Venus is in a sweet aspect with Neptune also nudging you to be open to trusting that Love can lead the way and make a difference. You may find this especially true in art work, dance, poetry or music.

February 4-6 Venus is in a positive aspect with Uranus producing the energy it takes to create unique music, writing and art. Venus is also nicely aspecting Jupiter which is ideal for a wedding, social gathering or fund raising event, especially in tandem with Venus aspecting Uranus! The temptation to overindulge in food or drink goes along with these aspects. Mercury is conjunct Neptune. This aspect opens you up to uplifting thoughts. It can also produce imaginary realities which confuse what is really going on here? It can be used well for writing and or meditation.

February 5 Mercury is in Pisces, until April  14, which is a long time, and that is because Mercury will be turning retrograde, this month. Mercury in Pisces can bring about confusion between your dream life and your waking life.

You may find yourself going in circles inside about what was said and what you should’ve said? It’s common to be drawn to watching films and reading books that take you into another realm. It’s a favorable aspect for meditation.

February 6-8 Mercury is conjunct Mars in Pisces both nicely aspecting Uranus, making you more outspoken and quick to respond. Don’t forget to listen to another rather than cutting them off so that you can speak.

February 7-9 Mercury is in an uncomfortable aspect with Jupiter which brings about distractions and a scattered mind. However, plenty of humor!

February 8-10 Mars is aspecting Jupiter. The result is trying to do too much and ending up exhausted. You will have a huge blast of energy especially those born: February 24-27 or May 27-31 of any year. Venus in Aquarius is aspecting Saturn in Scorpio. Hurtful things are happening or being said and you’re probably feeling more vulnerable than usual.

February 9 the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Uranus bringing out the rebel in you. You have no patience with someone telling you what to do. You want to do things your way, “the right way.” Mars is in a fine aspect with Uranus which gifts you energy galore, and is ideal for athletics and dance exercise.

February 9-10 Venus is in a positive aspect with Pluto which is fine for a new romance or a fund raising event. You’re ready to leave past hurts behind: healed and forgiven, this is energizing.

February 9-11 Mercury is in a positive aspect with Pluto favoring research and psychological realizations helping you move forward in life.  Your awareness is sharp. This is an ideal time to teach or write about what you’re passionate about. You will uplift others with your sincerity.

February 10 the New Moon takes place before Mercury turns retrograde. The New Moon at 2:20 a.m. has the Sun and Moon conjunct at 21 degrees of Aquarius. There is a focus on diving deeply within. A time for dreaming, meditation, retreat from the world and a diet from “trying to make things happen.” Aquarius is a visionary sign, geared towards the future and manifesting an ideal reality for all of humankind. It’s time for all of us to envision the ideal future. Wait for the Aries New Moon to go into outer action. April 10 Aries’ New Moon.

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