Father, son plead guilty to possessing illegal lobsters

By Juliette Laaka | Aug 01, 2013

Rockland — Two Midcoast men pleaded guilty Aug. 1 to illegally possessing v-notch female lobsters during a Marine Patrol inspection of their lobster boat in November.

The pair, father Ricky Curtis, 53, of Union, and his son, 29-year-old Todd Curtis of South Thomaston, were initially charged with possession of more than 400 illegal lobsters, a Class D offense.

Both men have had their lobster licenses suspended for one year, said Marine Patrol Chief Col. Joseph Fessenden.

The charge was amended Thursday to possession of 120 mutilated or v-notch lobsters from 400. Both men were ordered to pay a fine of $12,500 by Justice Jeffrey Hjelm.

The lobsters were discovered during an inspection of Curtis’ vessel North Star by Marine Patrol Specialist Matthew Talbot and Marine Patrol Officer Wesley Dean.

All lobstermen participate in a mandatory v-notch program, requiring them to notch all egg-bearing lobsters. If a female lobster is carrying eggs, a v-notch tool or a sharp knife is used to remove a very small portion from the center of the tail’s flipper immediately to the right of the center flipper. This v-notch will remain through the next few molts allowing her to reproduce several more times.

The practice of notching the tail of a known breeder extends her protection beyond the hatching of her eggs and plays a critical role in the conservation of Maine's lobster resource, according to a news release from the Maine Marine Patrol.

“We consider this a very serious crime for a number of reasons,” said Fessenden in a news release. “The illegal taking of any lobsters negatively affects the resource and is a direct theft from those lobstermen who abide by the laws every day that they fish.”

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Posted by: Robert B Norton | Aug 05, 2013 06:34

what a slap in the face to the honest lobstermen.as usual the DMR rolled over. this was not a first time mistake . this was intentonal act by two people who can well afford to pay the small fine.they more than paid the fine with all the illegal lobsters they brought in BEFORE they got caught. and the best prt is they blamed the stearn man!!!!!!!

Posted by: Judy Olson | Aug 03, 2013 06:59

Caught with 400 vnotch lobsters---there were 400, not 120.  They were subject to over $190,000 in fines and were ordered to pay $25,000. Fessenden claims, "we consider this a vey serious crime".  Really?? You wouldn't think it was too serious with this unbelievable plea deal. Loss of license for one year when it should have been permanently.  I assume the Marine Patrol agreed with the D.A. to allow this.  Makes you wonder why.  Follow the money.

Posted by: Martha Seavey Boynton | Aug 02, 2013 07:27

Both men have had their lobstering licenses suspended for one year, said Marine Patrol Chief Col. Joseph Fessenden.

Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Aug 01, 2013 12:17

Decent fine, but what about vacating their license to fish? They were finally caught and odds are this was not a first time offense.  Why allow the chance to continue and ruin it for those who do follow the laws?

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