Family Constellation talk at Camden Public Library

Jan 03, 2014
Julianna and Rob Pfeiffer will discuss the Family Constellation during a Monday, Jan. 13 talk at Camden Public Library.

Camden — Julianna Pfeiffer, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and Rob Pfeiffer, Registered Counselor, will speak on the Family Constellation, a new form of analysis and counseling for families, Monday, Jan. 13, at noon, as part of the monthly Wellness Brown Bag Lunch hosted by the library and Pen Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Family Constellation: A Powerful Approach for Healing Individuals & Families is the title of the talk.

“Are you feeling separate from someone in your life, and you are not sure why or how to resolve it?” said Pfeiffer in a news release. “Perhaps you carry resentment or anger that is unresolved, or have a child who demonstrates behavior that defies comprehension. Family Constellation provides a window into healing feelings and behaviors that are blocking our full-potential and the flow of love in our lives.”

Family Constellation must be experienced or witnessed to be fully appreciated and understood. During this talk and live demonstration, the Pfeiffers will share how systemic family constellations work to help reveal and release inner tensions, heal relationship conflicts and entanglements, and repair isolation or disconnection within individuals and families. This unique approach can be done in an individual session one-on-one through the use of props or can be done in a group or seminar format. Through a live demonstration of family constellation, the audience may wish to become part of the process in order to get a direct experience of how a constellation “feels.”

An example of an issue might be a repetitive argument in a marital partnership, where the roots of this issue may come from something unresolved or unidentified in one’s family of origin. With the guidance of the facilitator, the designated “client” chooses volunteers to stand in as representatives for pertinent family members. She then places them in the room to reflect the inner picture she carries of her family. Some may be standing close to one another; others may be standing apart from one another or turned away. Through a process of seeing where disharmony or disconnection exists based on the original placement of family members, emotional or energetic breakthroughs are made possible by facilitating and allowing dynamic movements within the family to occur. By moving or placing family members in a more healthy arrangement or order, connection is restored which allows energy to flow more freely and naturally within the individual and family. At the completion of a constellation, participants often feel more at ease and a deeper contentment within. Come learn more about Family Constellation and discover its potential to bring more ease and freedom into your life.

The Pfeiffers are business and marriage partners who have been working together for 20 years. Their private practice has involved counseling and consulting with individuals, couples, families, groups, schools, and businesses. In 2011, they were inspired to take their work to another level and have sought intensive training in the dynamic work of Family Constellation. For more information, visit

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