Evolution: material or spiritual?

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Evolution: material or spiritual?

By Gregory Sandford

Excerpt from article:

 “The 19th century was a time of explosive advances in material science and technology. The industrial revolution, in particular, had produced a vast expansion of mankind’s apparent power to produce and to destroy. 

One of the major influences on the popular thought of this age was Charles Darwin, whom Mary Baker Eddy refers to several times in her writings. With the publication of his seminal work titled The Origin of Species in 1859, Darwin drew together a number of contemporary intellectual currents of the time. These included a confidence in human progress, a trust that material science was the path to ever greater knowledge and power, and a correspondingly growing skepticism toward traditional religious faith..”

http://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/i9kt7gfys4?s=e Click to read entire article.


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