Evergreen Home Performance Now Offers Thermal Window Inserts

What are Indow Windows?
(Video by: Indow Windows)

Evergreen Home Performance is proud to announce a new partnership with Indow Windows, an Oregon-based manufacturer of thermal window inserts that block drafts, boost comfort, and cut energy costs.

“We’re impressed with the quality, performance, and affordability of Indow Windows,” said Evergreen President Richard Burbank, and we’re excited to add this tool to our energy efficiency toolbox.”

The lightweight acrylic window inserts are custom-built for each window and stay in place thanks to a patent-pending silicone spring bulb.  Easily installed and highly durable, Indows allow homeowners to preserve the historic character of their original windows while upgrading their comfort and performance.

As Maine’s leading home performance contractor, Evergreen is already well respected for providing energy analysis and energy-smart services like insulation, air sealing, and basement encapsulation.  “We’ve stayed away from windows, though,” said Burbank, “because the payback period for replacement windows is so long – often 30 years or more.”

Though this long payback period means that replacing windows is rarely the most cost-effective energy improvements, windows are often high on homeowner to-do lists.  Single-pane windows contribute to drafts and uneven temperatures, and they’re a noticeable source of comfort problems.  “We’ve all sat next to a cold window and felt the heat literally sucked out of our bodies,” said Burbank.  “There are plenty of imperfect solutions - insulated curtains, plastic over the windows – but Indow Windows are the first truly elegant solution we’ve seen.”

Indow Windows deliver the energy savings of a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost, and their installation is easy and construction-free.  “Indow Windows offer an easy, affordable path to efficient windows, and they’ll be a great fit for many homeowners,” said Burbank.

To learn more about Indow Windows, and about other energy-smart service that improve comfort and cut costs, schedule a FREE energy consult with one of Evergreen’s BPI-certified Energy Advisors.

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