House District 91

Evangelos hopes to bring a collaborative approach to the table

By Beth A. Birmingham | Oct 11, 2018

Friendship — Former state Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos, an Independent from Friendship, is seeking to represent House District 91, which consists of Friendship, Waldoboro, Washington and part of Union, in the upcoming election Nov. 6.

He previously served two terms, being elected in 2012 and 2014, and is running against incumbent Abden Simmons, a Republican from Waldoboro.

Evangelos, who has also served as Warren town manager, being hired in 1976, and was business manager for School Administrative District 40 from 1980 to 1994, signed the pledge at the Maine Ethics Commission to abide by the Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

"The harsh talk we get out of Washington -- especially from the president -- is not productive," Evangelos said. "I think the people are ready for a change."

He said the people deserve moderation and collaboration in government, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to help bring the pendulum back to the center.

Being a big supporter of the Second Amendment, Evangelos believes there is a direct connection between mental health issues and gun violence, and introduced a bill in 2016 that he said he was highly ridiculed for.

"I think we have to get after the mental health issue and see to it that the mentally ill are denied access to weapons," he said.

Evangelos' passions lie with providing adequate, accessible health care, as well as working toward making livable wages possible.

"If you're a low-income person and you don't have health care, you're in for a nightmare," he said.

He said the will of the people in a vote in 2017 was in support of Medicaid expansion, but the funding has been blocked by the governor and House Republicans.

Evangelos said the state finished the year with approximately a $150 million surplus, which went into a rainy day fund.

"I was brought up that a rainy day fund should be used for emergencies, and I think 70,000 people without insurance constitutes an emergency," he said.

Evangelos said ignoring the outcome of referendum votes -- such as tax relief, Medicaid expansion, and the like -- is eroding the faith of the people.

"If you go to vote, and you win, but you still lose, there's really something wrong," he said.

A cooperative approach, with all sides at the table, is what Evangelos believes can begin to solve many of the issues facing Mainers and others.

"Every week that goes by, it seems like we're hitting a new low," he said. "it's a repetitive pattern of not only verbal abuse, but abuse of power."

He urges people to think very carefully this November when voting.

"Vote for the changes that are going to make your life better," Evangelos said.

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