Arts & Entertainment
Camden Opera House
Main Street, Camden, ME
Feb 02, 2013
7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Acclaimed as “one of the most exciting quartets around” (Strad Mag) and “a necessary jet of cold water in the contemporary classical scene” (, ETHEL invigorates contemporary concert music with exuberance, intensity, imaginative programming and exceptional artistry. With an eye on tradition and an ear to the future, ETHEL is a leading international force in concert music's reengagement with musical vernaculars. The New York City-based quartet comprises Ralph Farris (viola), Dorothy Lawson (cello), Kip Jones (violin) and Tema Watstein (violin).


The art of living in and appreciating the “Now” is the subject of universal discussion; from spiritual communities to popular entertainment to scientific publications. ETHEL’s Present Beauty program celebrates the concepts of presence and continuity, featuring their own new string quartet arrangement of Philip Glass' score from The Hours. Stephen Daldry’s 2002 film realization of Michael Cunningham's novel drew a hauntingly beautiful score from Glass, and there is powerful affinity between Glass’ creative aesthetic and that of the novel's protagonist, author Virginia Woolf. As Michael Cunningham points out, “Glass can find in three repeated notes something of the strange rapture of sameness that Woolf discovered in a woman named Clarissa Dalloway doing errands on a summer morning.”

Also on the program are compositions by Terry Riley, Huang Ruo, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe.


ETHEL’s participation in our Winter Performing Arts Series, will include presenting a workshop performance in the pediatric department of Pen Bay Medical Center as part of Bay Chamber Concerts Community Engagement Program, and a workshop for students and faculty at Bay Chamber Concerts Music School.