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Emmott seeks Rockland Council seat

By Stephen Betts | Aug 06, 2020
Ian Emmott

A Coast Guard veteran has taken out papers for the Rockland City Council, saying the effort to defund the Rockland Police Department spurred his decision.

Ian Emmott took out papers Wednesday, Aug. 5, for one of two seats.

Emmott served in the Coast Guard, including time in Rockland, and now works with disabled veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He served on the Rockland Port District.

"Recent calls to defund the Rockland Police will have adverse effects for our city and surrounding towns, and if elected I will do my part to ensure this does not happen to an already underfunded and understaffed police force," Emmott said,

He said he continues to offer affordable housing in Rockland as he has for more than 15 years. He owns a rental on Thomaston Street.

"I have relevant knowledge and experience to the housing issue our city faces," he said.

"My experience in maritime law enforcement while in the military equips me with a perspective of what our law enforcement officers go through day to day, a perspective lacking on Council today which I feel could be very useful in today's climate. I pledge to be civil in this process and treat all perspectives with the respect they deserve and all I ask is the same respect in return. We will not heal as a city or nation for that matter until we all hear each other out," Emmot said.

Nomination papers became available to take out Aug. 5.

The deadline to file is Sept. 21 to get on the Nov. 3 ballot.

There are two Council seats up for election. The seats are held by Mayor Lisa Westkaemper and Councilor Valli Geiger. Geiger said she would not seek re-election because she is the Democratic nominee for the Maine House District 93 seat which represents Rockland and Owls Head at the State House in Augusta.

Westkaemper has not said whether she would seek re-election.

One of Rockland's five seats on the Regional School Unit 13 Board is also up for election Nov. 3. The seat is held by Board member Carol Bachofner.

Bachofner said Aug. 3 she would seek re-election.

There is also a single five-year seat on the Rockland Port District. The seat is held by James Kalloch.

Seats for election warden and ward clerk are also up for a vote Nov. 3.

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Comments (9)
Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Aug 09, 2020 09:30

I hope you do run Jimmy.  We need  someone like yourself who has a long time commitment to this town. As owner of several apartment buildings  he knows full well the impact ever increasing taxes has on the housing market. Yes we need a "local" with common sense and not just a lot of "pie in the sky" ideas.  Shaping up to be a good race this year.

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Aug 08, 2020 18:25

I hope you do run Mr Leach ... and I hope Mr Carroll does as well. Enough is enough. Both of you would get my vote. We don't need anymore councilors rubber stamping ANY city department budgets and going forward any budgets should be printed by the local press not just as a total figure per department but with a clear line item breakdown.

Posted by: James Clinton Leach | Aug 08, 2020 15:55

I’ve been a home & business owner and resident  of Rockland for 32 yrs.. The cost of living here continues to rise every year and the folks steering Our vessel tell us It’s just a small percentage,  a small increase in your property tax that’s all...Well, it’s added up over the years and now with the recent Property evaluation it’s to much...Way to much for to many, some don’t dare paint the trim on their homes, do any home improvements for fear of taxes being raised , many do not have the resources to meet the coming increase, they are fearful when they should be feeling secure in their life long homes.   Taxes will continue to rise every year because of services PD, Fire, doesn’t end does it or if it does when...We are a Community of 7,053 down from 7,102 in 2018  There were 7,297 Residents in 2010..What’s wrong with this picture the only thing growing are property taxes the cost to live here, not the population...I realize Rockland is the Service Center for the County all to well.., don’t get me started ...I’m considering running for a council after speaking with many many life long residents of Rockland and people who had considered moving to town but opted out because of the cost to own a home and live here..Let’s put the Breaks on Now..

Posted by: ANANUR FORMA | Aug 07, 2020 11:43

My opinion never ever cut the budget for the Fire Dept. or the police dept. NEVER!!!!

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Aug 07, 2020 11:37

Take a look at the number of SUVs that at RPD. I know they need cruisers but do the need gas guzzlers? Back in the days of "Rockland by the Smell" we had two cruisers and the same area to cover, not to add a larger population. Then again the parents didn't have to call the police to discipline their child.

Posted by: Wyatt Anderson | Aug 07, 2020 09:34

You have my vote.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Aug 07, 2020 08:23

I welcome Mr. Emmotts entry into the race for council although I must respectfully disagree with his position on the Police.  Throughout the country our President is taking strong Military action against his citizens who are protesting for change.  The lawlessness being displayed by many officers nationwide is disturbing to most and many feel now is the time to change course.  A sailor needs to recognize when he is headed into a storm and Mr. Emmott is (I believe) is charting the wrong course.  At  2 million and climbing it is way past time we need to pursue other options.  Defunding the police is a sensitive subject as I found out when I last ran for council.  Should I decide to run again this year I would continue my course of lower budgets including the police & fire departments.. I think the mood and certainly the economy has changed and it's now time to look at different ways to achieve the same goal.

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Aug 06, 2020 23:17

Underfunded? Understaffed? 2.1 million a year ... underfunded? I think not. Do I need to repeat the numbers of what a similar department budget in a fiscally responsible very similar city is again? A MILLION BUCKS LESS. If you are a Rockland taxpayer this guy is not your candidate unless you want another driveby reevaluation. He owns rentals, is another outsider implant and only interested in lining his own pockets with rental income in my opinion. Higher taxes equate to higher rental costs folks. Does he even live in either of the two duplexes he recently purchased in Rockland that I find in a simple search? The big go-to these days by a certain political party is the 'defunding' movement being played to be anti-law enforcement ... WHICH IT ISN'T. Nobody in their right mind sees an elimination of LE as wise.... but it is being twisted to make us believe it is. All we taxpayers want is for ALL of our city expenses and departments to be FAIRLY and cost effectively administered. My bet is you won't get it with this guy.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 06, 2020 16:10

"We will not heal as a city or nation for that matter until we all hear each other out."

Mr. Emmott is certainly right on this. :)

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