EMERGENCY MTG on NEW developments re GAC CHEMICAL CORP's eroding legacy wastes ** WED NIGHT ** BELFAST LIBRARY** 6PM 3rd floor.

By Ronald Huber | Jun 30, 2014
Photo by: Peter Taber, courtesy Lighthawk Conservation Flights Complex ledge and stone ruins in intertidal cove channel wastes eroding and leaching from Kidder Point in multiple directions to Stockton Harbor


WHO: Friends of Penobscot Bay

WHAT:  The future of the eroding legacy waste-filled shores of Kidder Point, in SW Stockton Harbor is actively being considered by federal and state officials.  Whether interested party like a fisherman or seeker of  a safe beach for recreation, you can influence and guide the decisionmaking of US EPA and Maine DEP to remediate this problem site for the betterment of all

WHERE: Belfast Free Library, Wednesday 6pm, 3rd floor meeting room.

WHY: Major federal and state agency decisions are being made about the future of the eroding waste filled shores of Kidder Point, presently owned by GAC Chemical. This is a critical moment for public pressure to be applied to the agencies to ensure they competently investigate the site and are transparent in their  results and decisionmaking

Short briefing on  site history up to present situation with agencies and organizations regarding Kidder Point shoreline waste site.  Followed by community discussion and planning.

Help get Kidder Point's legacy shoreline wastes, laid down between 1940 & 1970, stop eroding into and poisoning the beaches and flats of southwest Stockton Harbor - and the people and wildlife that visit them.

Or should Stockton Harbor become a Sacrifice Zone?  Its forested shores nibbled away, concreted over and developed by the chemical industry, as local kid turned GAC Chemical's very capable  CEO David Colter, works to get  additional chemical industry tenants to his company's   60 + acres of wooded property still undeveloped along this shore?

The future is now.

Come to the Belfast Free Library, Wednesday 6pm, 3rd floor meeting room.

Help decide how southwestern Stockton Harbor's beaches, flats and marine ecosystem are healed of Kidder Point's running waste sores. How the already tained mudflats and beaches  get rendered safe for people and wild nature.

How Stockton Harbor's historic functional role in  the Penobscot Bay estuary  can be re-established.


PRESENT SITUATION. From USCG's Belfast Maine office's Ensign Wes Wofford, FOPB's complaint was elevated to Maine port security chief Tim Balunis in Portland, who regrettably distanced the investigation from the  actual site, and  forestalledsediment gathering. Balunis has passed the baton to Superfund co-lead US EPA, saying this is not a catastrophic threat emergency like an imminent oil spill. Slow erosion, cumulative toxicity is EPA's problem, not theirs.

Precisely WHO  Comander Balunis notified in EPA never was made clear. and We had to contact EPA ourselves,  where Kelsey O'Neil, a superfund staffer, has taken up the case

If  Commissioner Patty Aho, Maine DEP is back in the decision seat, our old "friend" Susanne Miller, director of Eastern Maine DEP office,  is the gatekeeper once more.

This means that If anything is to occur, we must ensure she follows DEP's rules on investigating a hazardous waste site. For she hasn't, to date.

As a well trained revolving door 'environmental consultant' from Hitachi Corp -handmaiden to the Global Big Twenty top polluters/clients - Miller appears to be carrying out the basic industry aiding task of determined head-in-the-sandery, reduced public access to the department and disabling DEP Bangor's investigative capacities. These are tested Koch brotherian ways of keeping the corporate "customers" from being inconvenienced by accountability or that dreadful four letter word: "cost".

When Lepage goes, Miller will doubtless revolve back to Hitachi - with a rise in paygrade - but her prospects won't be so bright if GAC has to be accountable for its polluting of Stockton Harbor. For that means she will have presided over the application of Cost to an important corporate Customer a no-no in enviro consultant world!

If you think the future of Stockton Harbor's marine ecosystem and that of greater Penobscot Bay is more important than the career of a revolving door industry consultant, come to the Belfast Free Library 6PM Wednesday, 3rd floor mtg room. 
More info: 593-2744

All are welcome, especially past and present employees of GAC Chemical. Cleanup won't happen without your help

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