Elementary French students publish books

Jul 02, 2014
Photo by: Kim Lincoln St. George School student Madelyn MacCaffray displays her painting of a boulangerie, or a bakery specializing in bread. This will be used as a cover to a book the class is creating.

Students in kindergarten to seventh-grade French classes have published hardcover books they illustrated and wrote entirely in French.

The books will become part of the permanent book collection in the Thomaston Grammar School French room and the St. George School French room.

The project was made possible due to a grant from the Perloff Family Foundation, and the technical assistance of Regional School Unit 13 Technology Integrator Laurie Walsh.

In St. George the books correspond with curriculum the students are studying in their homeroom classes. The kindergarten book is called "Bon Appétit" and connects with their study this year of food, farming, and cooking. The first grade book is called "Notre Système Solaire" and shares some of what the students learned in their study of the solar system. The two second-grade classes studied different topics and their books are "Les Métiers" (Professions) and "Les Animaux du Maine." The third-grade studied intertidal zones in collaboration with Herring Gut, and their book is called "La Vie Marine."

Thomaston Grammar School students have been studying the global community (Geography and Culture) in their French classes. Grades five, six, and seven produced a three-volume set of books in French. For the books each student drew a portrait of someone from a country other than the United States. The students worked from images found with the help of iPads. Accompanying each portrait is a description from the point of view of the person depicted. Topics include favorite foods in different countries, family, pets, aspirations, and hopes — such as world peace or an end to global warming — for the global community. The three-volume set is called "La Communauté Mondiale."

The intent is to publish more books each year — if funding is available — so that the library of student-produced books in French grows. The kindergarten to second-grade program will not run in the 2014-2015 unless the administration is able to find savings from salaries in this climate of changing positions.

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Posted by: Jeffrey R. Falla | Jul 02, 2014 17:58

My second grade class was fortunate enough to be able to be involved with Kit Harrison's work in french class this past year. We studied  occupations and had visited many places in our local community. Madame Kit then worked on the theme of professions.With Madame Kit my class created an amazing hard cover book that shows different occupations with each page including a watercolor painting illustrating each job. The captions are all in french. Last year my class studied lobsters and the lobstering industry. Again my class created a beautiful book telling the story of a lobster moving around on the ocean floor... describing what he sees (which involves a trap and the boat taking him up to the surface). The class learned all of the wording in french. We are so fortunate to have a World Language program in our school. I am always amazed with the ability of the students in my class to learn a language so well! Leatrice Falla Grade 2 St. George School

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