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Visual Election Aug 13, 2020

Election 2020 - Katrina Smith - Candidate: Maine House District 96

Katrina Smith, a Palermo resident, is the Republican candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in District 96, a seat currently held by Stanley Paige Zeigler of Montville, a Democrat. After seeing a lot of recent legislation which did not reflect her own core values, Smith said, she decided to run for office.

An Appleton native, Smith attended Camden Hills Regional High School and majored in sociology at Gordon College in Massachusetts. She and her husband have three children and invest in residential real estate and resell it at a profit. She also has a real estate license.

Smith believes in using tax revenue wisely without asking people for more money, saying people are taxed enough. Frugality and common sense should be the guiding principles of government, she said. She spoke of the importance of protecting the freedom of the First and Second Amendments and using innovative ideas and solutions to grow the state's economy. She said she supports President Trump and believes political and social agendas should be kept out of schools.

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Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Aug 18, 2020 19:16

As usual ole Seth of all that is great and good ,leaves little insight as to why all of us are in this debacle starting with his favorite son Saint Barry of Obama. Trump is here thanks to the Black Knight. Spying on his every move during the election. All you dems were convinced Hillary the Goldwater Republican would win the day and all would be well in the land.  Dems have been filling Trumps expenditures with no complaint. 750 billion dollar tax payout to the Pentagon. No problem. Give up the idea that there are two parties. Barry now has two mansions and building another in Hawaii. Damn good for 8 years of failures. Sorry I ever voted for his bullshit.

Posted by: Seth Thayer | Aug 18, 2020 06:59

and yet, she supports a man who is bankrupting this country and putting us further and further into debt every day.  What her statement says is "I am taxed enough, so I will run for office to make sure that I am not taxed any further."

Posted by: Alan Charles Pickering | Aug 14, 2020 09:43

A Republican And a woman who supports trump. WOW

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