E-Book review, The Wreck of the Nymph by Don Flood

By MILT GROSS | May 25, 2014

The story line in e-Book The Wreck of the Nymph was okay except for a very few problems in the writing.

And, for me, the reading. I realize there are gadgets out there that allow a reader to sit comfortably in an arm chair or sofa or at a table and read an e-Book. But I must be old fashioned. I had to read my copy on our desktop computer, which meant sitting up and paying attention.

Actually, I much prefer a book book, a thing of paper and a cover you hold in your hand, while you lean back in a comfortable chair or lay on the table while you eat breakfast.

I thought the plot was a bit complicated, but not so much that I couldn’t follow it. A few grammatical errors were there, but only a few.

Amanda, our lead character and a news reporter, gets involved with a bunch out to make it reach by getting treasure or whatever else they find from the sunken boat, Nymph. They set out to do so, Amanda aboard on their boat. They don’t get much treasure but do get themselves in trouble. The remainder of the plot is of the good guys getting away, except for one who is killed, and the bad guys trying to kill the good guys but instead getting killed themselves.

An active plot, as I wrote above, a bit complicated, that takes place in a fictional Delaware town.

The eBook was published -- if that’s the correct term -- by Ebooks by Barb, whoever that may be.

The author, Don Flood, is a former newspaper editor and syndicated humor columnist. He resides with his wife near the Delaware coast.

I found no price in the eBook, nor on Amazon.com. I have no idea where you can obtain a copy. Mine was sent to me for review, and I didn’t find the sender’s e-mail when I looked through the “inbox.”

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Milton M. Gross Copyright 2014

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