Drivers stop passing on the right.  Even if there is a red light immediately ahead, turning left makes for white knuckles.

By Maggie Trout | Apr 17, 2017

Being blunt - what is wrong with these drivers.  I was turning left into the West Rockport post office this afternoon, with no delay, and yet the drivers behind me zoomed around to the right to pass.  Now, it's a bit tricky pulling into the post office there with the obscure median lumped in there, but I wasn't turning in at a turtle pace.  It didn't matter.  I've said it before:  there are few instances when passing vehicles on the right is both rational and legal on a two-lane road.  What kind of psychology is going on in the minds of these drivers who must believe that there should be no one around them, and that letting up on the gas pedal, or waiting a few seconds means the end of their world as they know it.

But this aggressive and anarchistic behavior has support in the world of bumper stickers: IF I'M PASSING ON THE RIGHT YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LANE; IF I JUST PASSED YOU ON THE RIGHT YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

Presumably, these are geared to drivers who drive well below the speed limit in passing lanes.  The breakdown lane is not a passing lane.   Are drivers passing on the right because it makes them feel like bigshots?  There can be no other reason.  Man, if that's all you got - I suppose you have to go for it, no matter what happens.

Yes, other drivers, I was waiting behind a left-turning vehicle driver and not passing on the rightRoute 1 - Rockport.  Driver in front of me was going to make a left hand turn.  It took all of 8 to 10 seconds before oncoming traffic cleared.  Drivers behind me began passing me on the right, even though I would be continuing straight.  All because of a 8 to 10 second wait.  So, what - I should join the crowd and pass every vehicle on the right if the driver is making a turn?  There are really few places where it is acceptable to pass on the right on a two-lane highway.  This practice has become so accepted that I doubt drivers even see what the situation is.  Even if there is no oncoming traffic, or one or two cars coming, they still pass the turning driver on the right.

The breakdown lane is not a driving lane.  Well, I won't do it.  So, if you see someone waiting behind another vehicle that is turning left, try waiting those few seconds for them to turn.

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