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News Feature May 08, 2018

Downtown marijuana shop proprietor describes plans

Rockland — Nick Westervelt said concerns that neighbors and other people have expressed about a medical marijuana shop in downtown Rockland will be put to rest after the store has been open for a while.

Westervelt discussed his plans Tuesday, May 8, at the Courier-Gazette's television studio at the Breakwater Marketplace in Rockland.

Westervelt said the earliest that the businesses will be operating at 500 Main St. (the former First Baptist Church) will be late August. He said the antiques must be relocated and renovations done to the building.

The Rockland Planning Board will hold another meeting May 15 to consider approval of his plans. Several neighbors have voiced concerns about whether a marijuana shop is appropriate for the downtown.

In addition to growing marijuana for medical patients, Westervelt plans to have a glass shop that will sell paraphernalia related to marijuana and tobacco use. Westervelt also acknowledged that he plans to open a retail marijuana store once the state passes a law to allow that.

The city is awaiting a legal opinion from its attorney on whether a head shop that sells paraphernalia such as pipes can be located in the same building as a medical marijuana processing facility.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | May 14, 2018 16:31

Now I know our ancestors are rolling over in their graves! WOW! If you must, how about way out of town with ample parking and egress that is safe for the influx of traffic?

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