Door to door this election cycle

By paula sutton | Sep 10, 2018

One thing I have noticed in my door to door campaigning this year is the number of new building projects going on.  Virtually every business owner tells me that things are booming and optimism is up .

Access to affordable healthcare is a big concern and also inability to find enough workers. Many remain concerned about welfare abuses and fraud and complain they see people taking advantage of the system.

I have met so many hardworking people out and about in our community and am committed more than ever to make Maine a better place to live and raise our children.  We need to work and find solutions and keep our children here in state rather than having them move away looking for better paying jobs.

I am proud that I did not vote for any tax increases in my first term and it

is my firm belief that people need to keep more of their own hard earned money in their pockets rather than sending it to Augusta where it will be likely squandered.  Government never spends money as wisely as you do.



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Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Sep 13, 2018 11:34

Mr. Mosher, I took a look at your Facebook page and Paula being a Republican, no matter what, had no chance at securing your vote. And Female Genital Mutilation is a very real fear as I know a lady from Egypt who experienced it 40 years ago and it still brings tears to her eyes when she speaks about it. In this #MeToo movement era it is the ultimate assault on a young girl to keep her sexual desires in check so the only one enjoying sex will be the man in the relationship. This should be a nonpartisan issue to protect young girls but the Democrats try, as they often do, to throw down the race card as a way of justifying their inaction on this matter.

Posted by: Roger Tranfaglia | Sep 12, 2018 20:36


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Sep 12, 2018 18:11

In 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt called for ‘bold, persistent experimentation’ and said: ‘It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.’ The contrasting position of Republicans then and now is: Take the method and try it. If it fails, deny its failure and try it again. And again. And again.”

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Sep 12, 2018 12:12

Kudos to Mr. Mosher's comment, about which I agree totally. Republicans have lost their souls and now villify the most vulnerable among us. The GOP has no problem separating babies and children from their asylum-seeker-parents; no problem seeking indefinite child detention; no problem ensuring the 1% get even more tax breaks; no problem denying affordable health care; no problem staying mute about the rampant corruption in the Trump family and Trump administration.

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Sep 12, 2018 10:41

Access to health care could be made available quickly to 70,000 Mainers that are currently without if Governor LePage would spend a fraction of the surplus he is so proud of and get the ball rolling.  He prefers to gum up the works any way he can, effectively telling those without health insurance not to get sick and if they do, please die quickly.  Your unswerving support for this Governor is unconscionable.  Your disdain for government is such that maybe you should limit your efforts to the private sector.  I support your success in business and your tireless effort with volunteer activities, but not your reelection.  Answers do nt lie with more or less government, but with effective government .  You seem unable or unwilling to provide it.  By the way, while you were going door to door how did the numbers of hard-working people compare to those of the freeloaders you tell us they are worries about?  Is anyone living in fear of the threat of FGM?

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