'Donuts' lead to drunken driving arrest

May 06, 2014

Washington — Two people were charged May 5 after police responded to a report of someone doing "donuts" in a field off Crystal Lake Road.

Knox County Sheriff's deputies responded to a complaint of a truck being driven "up and down the road real crazy, doing donuts in a field and going very fast," according to a news release from Tim Carroll, chief deputy of Knox County Sheriff's Office.

After investigation, Brandon Maddocks, 19, of Washington was identified as the driver. He  was arrested and charged with operating under the influence, operating an unregistered vehicle, and violation of conditions of release.

Maurice Condon Jr., 47, of Belfast was also arrested and charged with furnishing liquor to a minor.

Both were transported to Knox County Jail.

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Posted by: Susan Sinclair | May 07, 2014 06:50

I know some people think that "doing donuts" is a coming of age ritual, but it's very dangerous for the donuter, and God forbid an innocent person gets in the way and is injured or killed. As for the 47 YEAR OLD involved, he's obviously an irresponsible long-time loser who I hope doesn't influence too many more kids in his useless life.

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