Donald Trump buys land in St. George, but not the president

By Stephen Betts | Sep 10, 2019

St. George — Readers of the weekly listings of property transactions may notice that Donald Trump has bought land in St. George. But the president of the United States will not be joining U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts as a property owner in this Knox County coastal community.

The Donald Trump who bought the property locally is Donald L. Trump of Oakton, Va., an oncologist and hospital executive. He and Kristina Debye purchased property on Rackliff Island in St. George Aug. 21.

The deed was filed in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Sept. 5.

The Washingtonian magazine published a news article about Dr. Donald L. Trump in June 2016. The Washingtonian article stated "He’s also spent the last three decades dealing with questions from patients, casual acquaintances, and obnoxious reporters who want to know if he has any connection to Donald J. Trump."

The article goes on to say that despite the number of reporters who want to talk to him about sharing a name with the then-presidential candidate, Dr. Trump was reluctant to talk politics.

“I think Mr. Trump’s politics and my politics are not particularly congruent,” Dr. Trump said in the 2016 article. “But I don’t need to say anything more than that."

Coincidentally, there is also a Richard Nixon who owns property in St. George, but again not the president.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Sep 10, 2019 14:47

Famous names that hinder? Or perhaps make a person grow with their own self awareness and accomplishments!

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