Donald B. Hawkins

Oct 19, 2016

Orange Beach, Ala. — Dr. Donald B. Hawkins, 100, died at his home after a short illness. Dr. Hawkins practiced in Camden from 1951 until 1970, at which time he became a staff surgeon at the Veterans Hospital, Togus, where he remained until his retirement in January 1986. During his last 10 years at Togus he was chief of vascular surgery at that institution.

Dr. Hawkins was born in Passaic, N.J.,  April 1, 1916, the son of Marie (Smith) Hawkins and Joseph W. Hawkins, a well-known local artist. Following graduation from Blair Academy, he attended Brown University and Temple University College of Medicine, from which he received his M.D. in 1942.

He served in the Navy as a medical officer attached to the Marine Corps as a battalion surgeon during World War II and saw combat during the invasions of Saipan, Iwo Jima and Tinian. After the war, he did a brief period of general practice in the Damariscotta area. He then began a four-year residency in general surgery, becoming board qualified in that specialty. He then attended the graduate school of medicine of the University of Pennsylvania to obtain a master's degree in surgery.

He started private practice in Camden in 1951 and remained until 1970 then, following a personal illness, he was appointed to the surgical staff of the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Togus, where he remained until his retirement.

Dr. Hawkins was the author of several articles published in national surgical journals and devised a number of surgical instruments.

He was a former member of the American Medical Association and Knox County Medical Association. He was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Maine Vascular Society.

His lifelong hobbies were woodworking and metalworking, and he was an avid yachtsman throughout his life. Also, he loved volunteering at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.

He is survived by his wife of 38 years Sylvia Christoffersen Hawkins, Orange Beach, Ala.; stepchildren Ruth Lemos, Calif., and William Carl Slocomb, Rockport; nephews Ronald Hawkins, Camden, and Havilah Hawkins, Sedgwick. Also several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He was predeceased by two sons, Donald B. Hawkins Jr. and John Michael Hawkins and a daughter, Pamela Gay Hall, brother Havilah Hawkins, and stepdaughter Barbara L. Powers.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers donations be made to Maine Cancer Foundation at 1 Bowdoin Mill Island, Ste. 300, Topsam, ME 04086.

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Posted by: Roberta W Knapp | Oct 29, 2016 11:35

ResT in Peace Dr Hawkins..who facilitated that adoption back in the summer of 55 ..between, no doubt. a patient of yours in Damariscotta.who could not keep her newborn..and the ministers family at First Congo camden, my parents were the best my childhood was perfect! So glad I had the chance to say thanks in person a few years ago.

deb Burchell Brady


Posted by: Sandra Schramm | Oct 19, 2016 23:44

Dr. Hawkins was one of the nicest physicians, surgeon and Dad. He was our family physician but I spent a great deal of time at their home with my

friend Pam and had the pleasure of sailing with them.  Most of all, he was the hero that saved my Mom. My Dad got Bernard Raynes to take him out to find their boat as my Mom needed a surgeon fast. He came right to shore and performed the op and it was scary times but he kept us informed all the days.  Sorry to learn Skip passed and Barbara as well. My sympathies to Sylvia and her family.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Oct 19, 2016 18:13

Dr. Hawkins was one of other doctors who donated to the old Camden Hospital. He purchased medical equipment to work with as the surgeon he was. His Surgical skills served the Camden area communities for many years. When the new Pen-Bay Hospital was to be built he donated his sailing boat for auction to start the funding. I am sure there are others who have clearer memories of his wit, generosity and skills. I hope they write and add to my memories.

Mary "Mickey" (Brown) McKeever

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