Dominic Needs a Little Help

Photo by: Beverly Gilbert Stone Dominic

MEET Dominic. This little fellow's life changed drastically on Good Friday. His Mom was traveling in a public transport van and crashed. She died instantly. She was the single mother of two.  The great aunt once removed was the closest living relative to the children and has taken them in. She will provide all his living expenses. She herself is now a widow with children. She brought Dominic to JWHS to ask for help to get him into school. The first time we met he would not look at me. His head stayed turned. I walked my fingers over to his arm and when I touched him he still did not look but swatted as if I were a fly. When he did look he cried and cried.  But the second time he visited, the camera broke the ice. Seeing his picture made  him laugh and smile but he only gave me the shy face when I asked for that awesome smile!

His elder sister's school has donated her school fees for the rest of this year but Dominic is in need. He is 5 years old. He would enroll in what is called TOP CLASS, (kindergarten) for the remaining two terms of this year and attend public school Class One next year.He is in need of School fees and uniform.

A total of $75.00 will get him everything he needs to get into school and pay this term's school fees.That will provide us time to seek a regular sponosr for thrid term and the coming years.

If you are able to help --- send to - via PayPal; Mail a check to Expanding Opportunities, 39 Maine Street, Belfast, Maine 04915; or go to and click on the donate button. THANKS

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