Do you use canola oil? Here is a VERY good reason NOT to use it in any products you ingest, seriously.......... take note!

By ANANUR FORMA | Aug 11, 2018


Do you know about Anthony William? He has written some books that are very popular now, "Medical Medium,” is the one in front of me right now. Here’s what he says about canola oil, I think you should know what’s being said.
ok, here it is:
“Canola oil is mostly GMO at this point in time.
Regardless, canola oil creates a great deal of inflammation. It’s especially damaging to your digestive system, potentially scarring the linings of both your small and large intestines, and is a major cause of irritable bowel syndrome.
Canola oil can feed viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold.
Beyond that, canola oil has an effect similar to battery acid on the inside of your arteries, creating significant vascular damage.”
He does go on to say..... it’s a low cost alternative
to extra virgin olive oil.
He also says if you’re dealing with a mystery illness
cut out canola oil and see what happens to your symptoms?
“Medical Medium” written by Anthony William on page 280
Problem* ...... it's in most of our stores' salad dressings.
I prefer good olive oil and good vinegar with grated garlic and sometimes lemon.
I use a lot of raw garlic. It's a natural anti-biotic. I use plenty of mouthwash.
must read or skim:
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Posted by: CAROL WATIER | Aug 13, 2018 09:38

Snopes calls this false.

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