Heard on the Street

'Do you think we are going to get a lot of snow; how much?'

Dec 15, 2012
"Yes. I heard we are supposed to be hit hard." — Jane Young, Hope

The Camden Herald staff asks; "Do you think we are in for a lot of snow; how much?"

"Yes, I do. Um...six feet?" — Darlene Grant, South Thomaston
"No, I don't think we will get much, but I'm hoping for some." — Pat Donlin, Warren
"I don't think so. I think global warming is doing a number on our planet that we don't take care of. We won't get what we should be getting." — Robin Lee, Camden
"I do think we will, that's what the [Farmer's] Almanac says. Um...3 feet?" — Rachel Ogier, Camden
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