Do You Have a Service-Based Business? Facebook Ads Will Help You Reach More of Your Target Audience.

By Shannon Kinney | Mar 29, 2017

So you have a Facebook page for your service-based business. That's great! However, let's get real...not many people follow roofers, lawyers, or car repair shops on Facebook. (Sorry.)


The fact of the matter is that people tend to follow their favorite retailers or entertainment-related pages, not so much the necessary services pages that they wish they didn't have to spend their money on.


But that's the key! The necessary services pages (that's you, you service-based business owner!). At some point, almost everyone will need to call a roofer, or a lawyer, or a car repair shop.


When people encounter these specific needs in their lives, how do they decide which business to go with? Some people will choose based on recommendations from family and friends. A good majority will turn to Google to search for the best options. But many will remember what they see on what's most likely their favorite social media channel, Facebook.


By using Facebook ads, you're able to reach these individuals who will have this need and stay top of mind when a situation arises and they need you. Facebook ads are an effective and inexpensive way to reach your future customers. With strategic ad targeting, you'll be able to reach real customers faster and build up your following.


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